What do you bring when you Mine?

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  1. I bring a pick sword torches cobble and food, now tell me what you bring.
  2. That and a water bucket plus a red firework. I sometimes bring an enderchest, always bring a bed and a bunch of dirt. I bring a crafting table but i normally have no more than 2 stacks of carrots.
  3. Ender chest, stack of iron blocks, stack of logs, 3 stacks of steak, 2 splash fire resist extended potions.
  4. Half of stack of dirt, sword, multiple pickaxes, shovel, some food, torches, a water bucket, a few logs, a crafting table, furnace, bow and half stack of arrows.
  5. I'm perfectly fine with bringing a pick and food. I dunno what you all are doing.
  6. i bring my enderchest, has a silk pick, mining pick(unb and eff), a sword, my armor, 4 stacks of food, a stack of wood logs, 64 coal, a crafting bench, a bucket of water, and a 2nd enderchest just in case
    edit: i stay out mining until i exhaust the wood and food.
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  7. A water bucket saves everybody. I swear it does
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  8. I guess bringing furnace, crafting table, and water bucket would help but why a red firework?
  9. SOS
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  10. Ahh, but what if you are on SP?
  11. Enderpearls.
  12. i dont bring anything, i have a system setup using minecarts that i just expand
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  13. But what if you use too many of them?
  14. I bring Food, Pick, Torches, Sword,Dirt,Water buckets, Silk Touch Pick and a enderchest
  15. I bring a full inventory full of dirt.
  16. Sounds good
  17. I ALWAYS make sure that I bring a pick, a sward, torches, wood (or sticks), crafting table, and food.
  18. I bring a Sword, Pick, Silk Pick, Shovel, Bucket of water, Enderchest, Food, and armour. That's all :)
    EDIT: Oops i forgot the crafting table
  19. That is starting to sound like the usual.
  20. Full toolset, (excluding the hoe) water, food, blocks, (preferably cobble), workbench, furnace, torches, wood, coal, enderchest, and a silk touch pick.