What do I change my name to for a month

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  1. Because Decorative heads are in fact the best, I want to farm/sell/use these heads for things. However, to farm heads and have them not break, I'll need to change my name for a month to do so, however, this nublet cannot decide on a name, so yeah, suggest names people, the one I like will get chosen and you can have the honor of coming up with the name of this nub
    Also, for those of ye curious of which head I'll be farming? That'd be this jar of jam

    Commence the Suggesting!
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  2. WonderfulWalrus
  3. Use alt. We love Walrus as he is <3
  4. JamWalrus?
  5. SaxolrusJam
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  6. NotMman, it's technically true
  7. The whole reason Im doing this is cause I don't have an alt, ye nub :p
  8. Call it 'JarOfJam'
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  9. OddWalrus...
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  10. AverageWalrusDJ
  11. AverageWalrus1
  12. So much yes for these two.. MattsTheBest is always an option? ;)
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  13. WallyTheWalrus
  14. StoneSkyIsCool
  15. Average_Walrus