What did you get for chrismas?

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  1. Hi guys
    i just wanted to start a thread on what everyone get for Christmas
    you don't have to share but it would be nice if you did :3

    I got Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  2. Also Do you prefer Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or Merry X-mas?
  3. ASUS Z87-A i5 4670k Corsair C70 PC case and a third monitor [Nerding Intensifies]

    And I prefer Merry Christmas as x-mas is too in-formal and Happy Holidays sounds lazy.
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  4. I got:
    • New xbox headset (360)
    • Few Board games
    • Few books
    • And around Birthday time, I will be getting an Xbox One as part of a late Christmas present.
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  5. Merry christmas, merry x-mas means the same but doesn't have an as nice ring to it. And I didn't get anything for christmas. Well, no materialistic things. I did get things like hope and love;)
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  6. Merry Christmas, of course.
    My parents helped me to buy my iPhone 5 this Christmas ;)
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  7. Got a new gaming computer, and I prefer Merry Christmas as Merry X-mas is crossing out Christ from Christmas, which is what its all about.
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  8. accualy x-mas is for people who don't believe in jesus = Christ mas
  9. nice
    i want an xbox 1 D:
    sending you a gift now :)
    Dats a nice phone you got there, it be a shame if something happen to it :)
    i would like a gaming computer myself
    how much RAM it got?
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  10. it ends up my sister hid a gift from me and it was an IRL minecraft torch :3
  11. Well, the x comes from the Greek letter chi and it's the first letter of the name χριστος, so christ;)
    Cool! Could you get a pic of it?
  12. For Christmas I made this thread in misc.
  13. Nokia 928 Windows Phone
    And a whole lot of school themed apparel.

    Edit: I also got Notch's biography.
    • Xbox 360 (Black)
    • Halo 4
    • $90 to Barnes & Noble
    • Steelseries Mousepad
    • Turtle Beach Z11 Gaming Headset
    • Clothes
    • Zero Day by David Baldacci
    • Proxxy by Alex London
    • E-3lue Cobra Gaming Mouse
    • Logitech Webcam
    • Close to $30 to Starbuck's :D
    • $10 to Itunes
    • Chocolate Bark
    • Hand Warmers
    • Much more, I still have one more Christmas to go to, so I will post a finished list in a new post. :)
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  14. Uhh we already have a thread like this :p
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  15. Last book to a series I liked, two Puma sweatshirts (I love Puma), Ice Age Continental Drift, Dr. Dre Beats Solo (red). :)
  16. I got $600 dollars, heaps of clothes and a Iron Supporter and $20 worth of rupees!! :)