What did I miss?

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  1. ~totally misleading title~
    I haven't played much for the past 3 months due to a very overloaded personal schedule and now I am on several awful meds that make me feel like crap and I have nothing to do all day so I decided to return :p

    So uh a few questions
    1. anything particularly new going on I should take note on? I see we finally pushed the 1.9 updoot :)
    2. When was the last time waste reset? So I can guage whether or not I should make temporary installments in case it hasn't reset soon
    3. Random economy question ; how much do diamonds go for these days?
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  2. It reset 2 - 3 weeks ago, so a lot of the land is pretty pristine and ready to be dug out :)

    Also note that with the new End worlds (waste End and Frontier End) the wastelands themselves have also tremendously expanded in size.

    Differs a bit per server but I'd say around 100 - 120r.
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  3. The rush for elytra.:)
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  4. Ah nice! I'm really hoping to finally get my shop stocked and ready to be open finally :)
    For better or worse my shelves have currently been untouched, save for the Obsidian and Sugar Canes...
  5. Where are the good shops at these days? It seems like the ones on my home server are few...

    At the moment I am in need of blaze rods. It seems the massive stash I had 3 years ago has finally been depleted, and I gotta get working on potion brewing