What blocks go nicely together?

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  1. Hi all,
    Recently I was in my storage room when I realized I needed to expand- expand meaning start over. So if you could say which blocks look... 'visually appealing', then that would be great :)
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  2. Most of the square ones fit well together. I don't believe I've seen one topple over. (Minecraft Jenga is such dissapoint.)

    Cyan clay is really popular right now, especially with a good texture pack.
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  3. Green Clay, Sandstone, Dark Oak Logs, and Dark Oak and Spruce Planks
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  4. Dark prismarine and stained clay.
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  5. Acacia planks and glowstone.
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  6. dark oak log and stone bricks for stone age themed
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  7. A few I like:
    Dark oak wood + white clay
    Spruce wood + oak wood
    Sandstone/smooth sandstone + bricks
    Red/white/cyan clay + bricks
    Acacia (grey side) + stone slabs
    Smooth stone/stone brick/circle stone brick/polished andesite (ancient look)
    Pretty much anything + stone slabs (for the floor)
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  8. Nether brick and netherrack or Sandstone and Sandstone, or Birch on Birch, or even better Oak and stone brick, don't forget the wool, all colors.
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  9. Don't forget cobble on cobble, brick on brick and quartz on quartz. You can never go wrong matching a block with itself :p
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  10. Stone Slabs + Anything
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  11. Honestly all the bricks together looks nice
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  12. A few of my faves -
    Sandstone + nether brick
    Dark oak + white wool (great for cute and quaint builds)
    Quartz + spruce + blue glass (or anything blue really)
    Sandstone + anything green (including vines, leaves, etc)
    Red clay + orange clay + nether brick fence (see my 2nd lol)
    Jungle + stone brick
    Prismarine (all kinds) + stone slabs + mossy cobble/stone
    Andesite + diorite
    Acacia + gray and/or light gray clay + cobble
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  13. honestly it really comes down to the theme/design you are looking for but if you are going for whatever then there are tons of combinations that can look great. me personally, i have gotten into liking birchplanks/darkpris/spruceplanks combo if done right. that and stonebrick/redwool/netherbrick/soulsand with a hint of lamps as a backsplash
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  14. dark prismarine and smooth sand stone looks good together
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  15. I'm bookmarking this thread for future reference :p
    Thanks lottle for asking and everyone else for answering ^_^ it's nice to have a fresh perspective
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  16. My favorite is quartz, dark oak, and sea lanterns.
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  17. Thats a good combo :p
  18. prismarine brick
    dark prismarine
    quartz blocks
    white and light blue stained glass
    and a few not many netherbrick accents
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  19. Thanks all :)