What are zombie viruses?

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  1. I've heard lots about them,but dont know what they are.Anyone know?
  2. Drink it.
  3. I don't have any,but please tell me what they are.
  4. They're a special potion that's only found on EMC. They can be obtained by killing enraged zombies/a giant zombie. They give you good potion effects and bad potion effects.
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  5. All negative potion effects (or, most of them) with resistance 4.
  6. Zombie Viruses: A good source of Vitamin C :p
  7. You can get them from momentus? :confused:
  8. It is what will start the zombie apocalypse
  9. It is Aikars diet water.
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  10. They are simply, an item, nothing important, but tons of fun
  11. When you fight momentus he calls zombie minions.
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  12. They are special EMC-only items that are rare drops from zombies, enraged zombies, baby zombies, and momentuses. When drank, they give the following effects in the picture below. (with a momentus in there for an extra touch :p)
  13. What mod is that where you get to see the armor and potion effects?
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  14. ArmorstatusHUD and StatuseffectHUD
  15. thanks :)