What are you being for Halloween?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by zervados, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, Halloween is just around the corner and I was wondering what you guys are being for Halloween.

    You can tell us what you will be, give us a nice picture, or if you decorated your Minecraft Skin for Halloween - show us that!
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  2. Since last year, I have decided not to go trick-or-treating after a zero candy policy I had declared to myself.;)
  3. I'm being Leela and moose is being Fry. (from Futurama)
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  4. Nothing. I decided that last year would be the last Halloween in which I 'dress up'. I also decided earlier this week I hate certain aspects of it :p
    I'll be stuck inside rewatching the Alien movies for the seventh time this month and replaying Bioshock until Halloween.
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  5. Not sure if I'll be going out this year, but for the past few I've been going as a black cat
    But my costume is too small and I snapped the ears.... Hopefully, I'll still be a cat though :p
    Nothing too interesting
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  6. Holloween is probably my most favorite holiday, I used to have more decorations for it than even Christmas. Trying to enter Haunted res contest if i get it done in time, lol.

    Not sure what my avatar will be just yet..so ya may have to wait and see on day of..rofl.

    But i do know that Ahksel and i will be dressing our Avatars as something for the day...stay tuned...
  7. Me and my friend have done dual costumes for 5 years now. This year we are going as Bob Ross and a painting. I am the painting.
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  8. I'm going as myself.

    I'm not dressing up, I'm just going to go out with a couple of important friends (whom I unfortunately rarely meet) to the cinema. The banter will still be a straight 20, doe.
  9. Well, for Halloween I am going for a Purge thing. I am going to buy one of those creepy masks, wear a nice hoodie, and carry around a (fake) chainsaw.

    As for my Minecraft Skin, it is my normal skin but as a ghost.
  10. In my country we don't celebrate Hallowen. So I guess I'll still be huckle :p
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  11. Last year, I was a cactus. Not sure for this year.
  12. 2D from Gorillaz c:
  13. I am going to be Shrek it Ralph.

  14. HARRY POTTER. Of course.
  15. I am being the guy in the white t-shirt and the cargo shorts who goes around and takes candy from people on their doorsteps.
  16. I am going to be a pot seller. I'm gonna walk into school like WHO WANTS SOME POT and then whip two pots out of my backpack.