What a slow week. :c

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Elysianx, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Its driving me nuts!
    Is it just me or everybody feels this way?
  2. Life can be slow, but hey, it's almost the weekend!
  3. What's up? Please tell :)
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  4. I'd rather have slow weeks than the usual. For the longest time it's like time zoomed by and for the last few days things feel like they've slowed and gone back to normal.
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  5. That was my life between August last year and June, I think it's all beginning to slow down once again...
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  6. Yeah its way to slow. :( The sad part is I was doing math to pass the time.
  7. Thirty seconds seem like 2 minutes.
  8. Time goes fast at my high school :p
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  9. Lol. I'd rather that than feeling like 2 minutes passed and it turns out to be 4 hours.
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  10. It get pretty bad though...
    Still in school?
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  11. ??? Just started...
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  12. It's August.... What city/country do you live in?
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  13. Sorry. :(
  14. Guess ;) you will never know....
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  15. my school starts a day from yesterday
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  16. Work is slow too, I'm just sitting here on a break waiting to go home xD
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  17. America? Didnt your break start in may or something?
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  18. Yes and no, the break started in June 2 (and it is a charter school)....
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