what a good way of making money again

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  1. I know that quartz, gold can be a good money method but what are good items to sell
  2. Promos or certain heads player or mobs are good
  3. But don't sell my business 😂😂
  4. I don't think much has changed in the way of the economy in Minecraft or real life. Find items which people want a lot of whether that be concrete or quartz or diamonds and supply huge amounts cheaper than others. This may get you quick money or it may take ages it's all random how people will react. Look at the auction house to see what people tend to buy

    For some items to sell: Concrete, Obsidian, Quartz
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  5. Another thing that is in relatively high demand and goes for a lot is logs, if you can sell big quantities of wood logs you can make a pretty good amount of rupees.
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  6. Wood, Sand, Gravel, Glass, Sandstone, Terracotta
    Check what the big malls need.
    Also sell through auctions.
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  7. Don't forget beacons.
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  8. Aren't beacons cost wither skulls and aren't they a verry rare drop rate
  9. Yeah, that's why you can get a lot of money. ;)
    You should probably have some reliable way of getting heads, though.
  10. Yes it is and the drop rate is around 8% with looting. But I was more referring to Sach's source of wealth he didn't mention in his post. :D
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  11. Shhhhh don't spill my secrets :p

    But feel free to sell Beacons as I don't really do that much anymore.
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