Whack a Toade!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Eviltoade, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Hosted by: EVILTOADE

    The squashing of me starts at 8:30 pm EMC

    Location: smp6 /v pvp
    There will be 3 total rounds!

    Round 1: FAIRFIGHT ARENA (5 static)
    Round 2: FAIRFIGHT ARENA (10 static)
    Round 3: MY ARENA

    Each round has a time limit of 5 minutes. The player who kills me the most during that time will receive: For round one, 200 tokens and a promo from my collection. The winner of Round 2 will receive 300 tokens and a promo from my collection. The winner of Round 3 will receive 400 tokens and my very own head (this will be the 14th in existence). Special note - For Round 3 ONLY named lily pads (with a green name) will count toward your total kill count.

    If there a tie, random.org will decide the winner!

    Hope to see you all there!
  2. Can I step on you instead? I think that would be easier.
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  3. Awesome! I hope to be there
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  4. Sounds great! :D
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  5. Awesome! :)

    edit: Mods can award tokens?
  6. The can ask the SS nicely =P
  7. think about this though, do you really want toade guts on your shoe?
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  8. I'll put a plastic bag on it :p
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  9. That's one of my "defense" mechanisms!
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  10. if you have a plastic bag, why not trap him and keep him in it?
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  11. Oh good idea, I'm going to start building my toade cage right now! Don't worry toade, I won't forget to feed you... most of the time.
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  12. with any luck you might be able to catch a crow too.... though I have heard some are mercenaries.
  13. Awesome. I better remember to go.
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  14. Awesome!
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  15. T-T I can't hurt the toade....
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  16. wish I could be there will cheer from home (rl one) gl all:)
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  17. Wish I could attend. I could use a severed amphibian head. :rolleyes: As it is, I won't be able to make, but I hope that all who can have a total blast! :D Thanks for hosting, toade!
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  18. We might even have "toadal" blast :p
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  19. FINALLY, the best PVP arena compilation! Fair and then the best one!!!
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  20. Congrats to Penguin for winning two heads! :D
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