Went a Little Crazy With Workbenches

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  1. Wow... you must have a lot of crafting to do. :confused:
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  2. I am sure you crafted the house with the workbenches too! :p
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  3. All that's missing is the "benches" :p
  4. Very, very cool. Where did you find all those workbenches?
  5. Title says "A little crazy" I say "ERMAGERD THATS A BILLION WORKBENCHES CRAZY!"
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  6. Does this make you happy?
  7. I'm sorry, but in my opinion this doesn't really look good :(
  8. is this better?
  9. Yes it is. That's actually aesthetically quite pleasing.
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  10. so, this is what I've been missing? I need to be more active.
  11. Build it in the wild and lock them all.
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  12. +437897254(87?87 hours of work
    And since when were crafting tables lockable? And besides the extra 1k r per lock... -1 million r X50
  13. This is insane!:") Pretty cool too and unique!
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  14. So amazing ;_;
  15. Don't let Ethoslab see that.
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