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  1. I hate bad video card drivers with a passion anyone here know how to fix them???

  2. Get a new one? Seems logicial
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  3. Your right on the dollar there ;)
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  4. *Ba Dum, Tsss*
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  5. *Claps*
  6. Try redownloading mimecarft, but Im not sure.
  7. tried that :/
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  8. Windows Updates fixed it for me :)
  9. Thank fellow zelda fan :p
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  10. I swear you suggest that every single time someone has computer trouble =P
    What are your specs?:)
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  11. Hey hey hey I got a ba dum tss picture
  12. i do actually. just because its a great computer Laptop. i can personally guarantee that IT DOES EVERYTING
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  13. Run 5 tekkit servers at once with 30 people connected to them all building etc
  14. PC-explosion - copia.jpg
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  15. well, it has limits. and im sure no body will take it to the extreme. i can run 2 while im setting off 10 nukes on each though.
    still no lag.
  16. Yeah sure. No lag because obviously the computer exploded.
  17. I had that exact Same problem when I Re-Imaged My Windows Vista laptop with Win 7. I looked up a solution and that's why I windows updated but on my search for answers I found something called Titanium GL that help with that problem . :)
  18. I bet I might be able to run 3 tekkit servers at once, I get 250 fps on EMC, and during that my computer runs on 10% CPU load and 23% RAM load