Well this is helpful...

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  1. Casnikepture.PNG
    Oh look skins are up.
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  2. Where did you find this?
  3. Right now: eth.jpg
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  4. Is that where i restarted my pc for...
  5. All are up but sessions atm.
  6. At least skins are up ;-;
    Cause skins are the most important part about logging in ;-;
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  7. Nevermind.
  8. Skins are obviously up cuz no one wants to look like steve :p
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  9. I think... I am suffering... from... minecraft withdraw...
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  10. I am on!
  11. me too...
  12. What I do in the mean time.
    Screenshot (27).png
  13. realms are up -_-
  14. most annoying thing ever, which is why i change all the character.png's in the texture i use to my current skin :p forever problem solved :D
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