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  1. Ugh, I feel like shit for doing this. I feel like I've betrayed EMC and left a very bad taste in the servers mouth of my attitude towards you all. As some of you recall, I had an outburst on the server which led to me leaving. My actions were very childish and I regret doing them. I feel like there is no way for me to repay for my actions, and I have no rupees due to my outburst on EMC. I had no reason for leaving EMC, I just went berserk on the server like a child and left and said "I would never come back"... I am a hypocrite for saying those words and I have thought of the server ever since I've left. I feel like I can't take back the title on my name as a "child", "liar","immature", and "pitiful". I give my apologies to everyone on the server, and will try to abstain from my actions and keep my opinions to my self. I will have my own consequences from this as I don't think I have any rupees and will have to restart.

    I won't join right away as I have to re-download Minecraft and have to rebuild friendships from my very short period of time gone. I can't get over the fact on how stupid I was in my actions, as I am just typing what I am feeling about this. I thank those messages some of you left telling me to stay, but I was too dumb to actually read my friends words; so I read them today.

    I ask that you forgive me, and I do expect some criticism as I am stupid and accept my fate on the server with the tags I left.

    Thanks again,
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  2. We all have these moments. :p

    I know I have had a few, but when I came back, no one even mentioned it. IMO, it is just better to put it behind you and move on with it. :)
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  3. We all have done stupid things and when we look back we sometimes regret them. My take: don't reflect too much on the past but instead focus on the future! Heck, this takes me back to two actions which I regret (well, one of them for sure, the other...sort off) which was insinuating that EMC was scamming its players (even in more or less direct wording :oops: which got somewhat triggered with me making yet another doodoo while I was convinced that I wasn't ;)). Next the timing of my first alt introduction was a little bit off ;)

    But this is also what makes EMC great: the ability to leave it behind us. Sure, some players may call you out on some things. hey... But in general... Just look at the staff: when a player gets banned and his appeal accepted then it's a clean slate (literal quote). The past is behind them, no hard feelings, lets forget about that and continue onward.

    I'm pretty sure that the same goes for you ww2!

    I for one welcome you back, and I'm also happy to see you back.

    No my friend: you're not a hypocrite. You may feel like one but naah. You're human, you got emotions, you let those get the better of you and as such you ranted and had an outburst. We listened, we said our goodbyes while also saying that we hoped that you'd be back and here you are ;)

    Ha, ha, I think what you're experiencing is the feel of having an Internet family :)

    Look.... If you have a relationship with someone and you can't have a few arguments and disagreements sometimes, then what exactly is that relationship worth? Each to their own but I'd say: absolutely nothing. If a relationship can't withstand a good fight every once in a while then yeah... I don't think that it was meant to last in the first place. And I speak from experience... I love my gf a lot, she means the world to me but don't think that we never argue.

    To me this is no different. If your former friends now look weird at you for doing this... Yes, this sounds harsh but then it might be time to re-evaluate that friendship. Note: this is just my personal opinion on that matter.

    Ok, I'm only going to say this one more time from here on: don't be too hard on yourself!

    Lets leave the past behind us and concentrate on the future ahead of you!

    So... cut the apologies and lets GO :)

    Rupees you said? Well, I think I can spare 1, I'll send that your way later on :D

    Now what did I say about leaving the past behind us? Ugh, hard learner :p (just kidding ;))

    Be sure to download 1.9.4 instead of 1.8.9 because... Aikar did it! We upgraded and can now use both hands to play on the server :)

    Hope to see you back soon, I'll be double checking your entry in my friends list later on to make sure you're still there :)
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  4. I am not sure what has happened, but if you want someone to talk to: I'm here! :)
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