Well then...

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  1. 2015-03-28_09.10.06.png
    So much for a weekend project...
  2. What do you mean?
  3. Look at the bars. The iron bars. The bars that bar the barred barren bars.
  4. I was supposed to be out there helping him, but last night he hit a pigman and told me to relog.... When I came back pigman hit me in lava and I died. 8,000 block journey that needs to be made again. And 54,000r worth of iron blocks lost.

    #BlameQwerty :)
  5. sorry for your misfortune...but what is it you are making?
  6. Ahh that's what Dektirok was talking about.... :p

    Sorry for your loss.
  7. The death was my fault, I had a whole kit for making fire pots just didnt think I would need the pots because I thought the tunnel went all the way there....
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  8. Ouch! Combat logs never do good... :\
  9. Blaze farm sweet :D
  10. Yes, we are building a very expensive blaze farm. How'd you figure that out?
  11. Except that blazes are an unintended consequence.
  12. So you and the other person are building a person-pushing machine?

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  13. Its a crazy, complicated, nether.... player head collector machine. Works like a charm.
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  14. ...Hopefully works like a charm.
  15. Sorry for your loss =p
  16. At first I thought the server lost a chunk or two due to the right angle :p
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  17. Moooore bars!
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  18. Wow. Too much Bars.