Well-Known player statues!

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  1. Mod statues are so last year, and well known player statues are in right now. So, I'm going to start making statues of well known players on my 3rd res (SMP1).

    I'm not exactly the most observant person ever though, and have no idea who is well known, so need you guys to yell at me until I get the idea tell me some people you think I should build and why.

    I'll post screenshots as they get built, although feel free to visit the res whenever. Right now, I'm just blowing it up, and admiring the flaming trees Jack put there.

    Please don't suggest mods. I have already done most of them :p

    So please tell me who you guys think deserve to be put up in statue form!
    Also; If you suggest yourself; I wont take it into consideration. Only other players can nominate you to be a statue:p The list has been chosen! I will be pming the people soon ish:D

    Things I need at the moment:
    Wool; Lots and Lots of wool..
  2. :( i wish I was well-known... and i wish the 49r's won... but start with Zabriel :)
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  3. No lizard. Its not happening.
  4. Mrs.Pandaeatsramen and I guess Mr.MonopolyMobarenaWinner Nickjwolfe
  5. What do you mean by Well Known? Forum designation or what?
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  6. He is iron supporter XD (joking)
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  7. battmeghs =]

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  8. Not on the fourms (Too many people xD)
    Like.. Known in game for being nice; Helpful; Blahblahblah.
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  9. Two more Erosego and Jabrzero
  10. I would say Qwerty. He is the oldest current member. I think.
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  11. Hash98?
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  12. Kevdudeman
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  13. Me, for being Legit.
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  14. Fixed.
  15. Your neighborhood tomato! JackBiggin... I can't think of any more :(
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  16. I'm bad with names. Online and off.
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  17. My other self is kind of well known appaerntly...
    But In my opnion he is a werdo :D
    I can say that about my other self surely :)