Well-Known Member Chat Channel (A Private Chat Channel)

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Do YOU want to chat on EMC w/o Being Harrassed or Annoyed?

Yes! 36 vote(s) 80.0%
No. 9 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. So basically before you How bout no bear this thread, hear me out on this one. So I've been noticing recently incompetent/immature players (there's been other threads about it as well) So what about this: A Private Channel, for members with 135+ Days Played, Well-Known Member on the forums, and 700+ Forum Posts. (Supporters have to have the same requirements as well) (Thanks to JackBiggin for edit)
    This is a rough sketch of an idea, so please provide suggestions below. :)
    Thanks for the support everyone!
  2. It seems like a good idea.
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  3. i wouldn't mind this but then everyone else would complain about not having there own chat and blah blah blah. so why stop at a well-known member chat why not active as well or certain amount of days on emc chat i think you see where im going here
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  4. I like the idea, but I think supporters should have to earn the right to use it like everyone else since we already get the supporter channel.
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  5. I like the idea.
  6. I like the idea
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  7. Thanks
    Thank you
  8. This is Tomato approved!
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  9. I'm not 135 days old :/
  10. What about the people who've been on here for close to a year and cant be on the forums enough to post or have their posts liked hmmmm?
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  11. I am :p
    EDIT: I think i am lol
  12. If you're having trouble with other players /ignore is your bet bud.
  13. I don't have 700+ posts.
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  14. Me neither
  15. I was about to say the same, then I looked at my post count for the first time in months...
  16. It is easy for immature people to become Well-Known Members so... no. Either ignore people or /ch off it's not too hard. Also what does someone's grammar have to do with them. If they don't capitalize their letter "I" so what??
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  17. Not my fault you don't go on the forums.
  18. I use /ch off and /ignore alot. More than most people do
  19. So just continue to do so. It's not hard to be a Well Known member, /ch off or /ignore or skype.
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  20. To become a well-known member you have to get likes on your posts. To get likes on your posts you need to be mature and use proper grammar.
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