Well... It's been almost a year. AMA (Whatever that is) and forum journeys

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  1. All right guys, it is almost one year from when I started EMC. At first, I never used the forums for anything. Recently, though, I use the forums extremely often. In fact, I went from member to active member in about a week. This is an AMA thread, even though I don't know what that means, and feel free to ask me anything appropriate :p
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  2. What browser do you use?
    What makes you the first beacon owner?
    I cant think of any more
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  3. Do u liek meh shpellingz?
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  4. Love the spellings, google chrome/ Internet explorer, I am not the very first beacon owner, meant that I have my first beacon
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  5. I'm suprised that only two people have asked stuff... You can pretty much ask anything and I will answer
  6. What's your Social Security number? Tell us, it's in good hands! :D
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  7. You can copy and paste this:
    Do you like tacos?

    DO you like nachos?

    do you like pizza?

    Do you know that AMA stands for ask me anything?

    Do you deserve a nobel peace prize?

    Why isn't E=MC2 Complete?

    me aint no like grammar

    Are you a grammar nazi?

    Are you christian?

    If not then why do your parents say you were born in ___ ad. when AD is after "Jesus Died".

    Who shot first?

    Do you like ads?

    Have you ever donated to the empire?

    Got Milk?

    Opinions on YOLO?
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  8. 0.0 YOLO so dont write that much!
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  9. Do you believe that a train will run you over after you read this post?vdo you like pie? What kind?
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    What is I just say?
  11. I ran it through 5 decoders and it always gave me:
    'BunchOfBadgers is awesome and Equinox_Boss rocks!!'
  12. Did you believe that we died 3 days ago? do you like potatoes? what is a Double-stellated rhombi truncated icosadodecahedron? how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? what is wrong with this statement? what are all of the descriptions of a paradox? why did you do a AMA in the first place? how many rupees do you have? If you were only one solid colour, which one would you choose? what is the full version of E=MC2? What is
    L=L0*V 1- V2/C2?
    ( V is square root.)
    what are the first 50 digits of pi? if I used Pi to mesure the diameter of Pie, what would you call it? what command do you type to change your game mode? do you like TF2? do you eat cake? how do you craft a piston? how do you craft a hat? is this too long? do you think i should stop now? is this just really annoying?
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  13. Really? All I got was this - If you can read this, you have an obsession with gibberish.
  14. By the way, can you tell if my signature is real or not?
    EDIT: Double posting, KILL ME!

    please don't
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  15. no, it's not photoshopped. it's hand drawn. or it is photoshopped. or it isnt photoshopped. it's GIMPED! (Basically, it's drawn somehow with a hand, or a program.)
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  16. Really? I got "If you can understand this you are crazy" But either one :p
  17. Gimp is better than photoshop. Photoshop is good. It was drawn in Microsoft paint which is the worst image editing program ever.
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  18. Do you have a phone?

    What type of computer do you own?

    How many books do you own?

    Do you hunt?

    Do you like tacos?

    Do you use a mouse or tracpad?

    Do you celebrate christams?

    Do you have a good smile?

    Are you a unicorn?

    Do you have a i(apple) device?

    Do you like EMC?

    Have you ever lay'd a egg?

    At what times of day do you eat?

    Are you a android?

    How long have you been playing Minecraft

    What is your favorite liquid? Mineral?

    Do you like dogs?

    What is your annual income before tax's?

    How many games do you own?

    Do you like this picture?
    The campaign2.png
    What level are you in minecraft?

    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

    How many mods have you met?

    When do you pay youre water bill?

    Where do you live?

    What is youre favorite movie?

    Do you have a magic jack?

    Who do you work with?

    What time do you go to bed?

    Do you have a dragon cave account?

    Where do you live?

    Do you like Doritos?

    Have you ever heard of barney?

    Do you use candles?

    What is happening in this picture?

    Do you own a pen?

    Do you use Kleenex's

    What is youre favorite song?

    Have you ever been out of you country?

    Have you ever shopped at Dunhams?

    Do you like mickey mouse clubhouse?

    What type of toilet do you have?

    Do you like lettuce?

    What is your favorite food?

    How do you move?

    Do you like youre life?

    What type of bomb was this?

    How many of you does it take to change a ligthbulb?

    Do you recycle?

    What is your exact co ordinates right now irl?

    Do you make cheeseborgers?

    Bet you regret posting this thread now
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