"Well his price is lower" - rant? Idk

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  1. Hey guys this post is related to item prices. Now I know everyone has said it now and then but I'm really upset over people saying "Oh his price is lower" or "This person sells it for cheaper". Idk about you guys but I think this count as being "rude". Now normally I would just stay quiet and let it go but it has happen to many times.

    I was advertising exp bottles just a few minutes ago and this individual said some stuff about someone prices being cheaper then mine. Now I was going to stay quiet but when I go check this other person's shop that apparently sells it for cheaper then I do, it isn't. Mine is 7,000r cheaper. This really got me upset cause this guy is spreading false info. So I type him talking about how he should do his math next time before he talks. He types back saying I'm rude also telling me that he screen it which is pretty much a threat to report / has already report. I agree with him about me being rude but next time if you see someone advertising and got nothing nice to say please don't talk. Especially if its false.

    Excuse any grammar mistake I might have had :p sorry for you grammar NAZI's out there.

    I will not disclose this person identity unless he wishes to do so by posting the screen shot of me being "rude".

    HUEHUEHUE Just realized this thread and my IGN matches perfectly :)

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    Sorry, couldn't resist.
    Maybe the price changed.
    Or maybe he is dyslexic and the numbers looked different.
  3. Lots of people do this, and they do it in real life. its all a part of business
  4. Lololol. Anyways the funny thing is I knew the other person prices already on my main and I know the other person also but I went just to make sure its been the same price for a while so the prices did not change :).

    Yea obviously :p. But its good to let some steam go once in a while I was going to use much more intense words in the OP but I calmed myself :)
  5. As long as you've researched and think you have a fair price, don't let it worry you. If someone has a disagreement with your price ask for a reasonable explanation.

    Most likely they can't give you one other than so-and-so sells it cheaper and nearly every time so-and-so has an empty chest.

    It takes time and work to supply items consistently. Don't let people convince you that your time is worth less than it is.

    Here's a quote straight from the big Cowhuna himself. It comes from the forum, but should apply to chat in Town as well: Don't attack others or there goods or services. This includes false accusations, rude comments such as "this shop sucks." Follow the schoolyard principle, "if it's not nice, don't say it."
  6. dont sell things if you cant handle competition? even if its false competition, advertisement is not rude. heck im loads more expensive then M4nic_m1ner and i steal his business all the time lol
  7. I think that it's a valid point as long as the person is falsely advertising. I know it's a competitive market, but people shouldn't lie as that in itself is rude. So as long as the person is falsely claiming that the prices are lower I think you are in the right.
  8. If I don't sell stuff whats the point of playing in an economy server :)? Its just that it happened alot and I'm letting out some steam but I get what you are saying ^.^ ty for the comment.
  9. Were not 100% economy. There is other stuff that you can do here. :)
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  10. I understand your frustration in the situation, but he/she was not being rude. They were simply misinformed when it came to prices. Anytime something like that happens, the best method is to just ignore them. Competition is a fact of life and you will not be able to escape it EVER, not even in a make-believe world like minecraft. People want to be the best, the cheapest, the prettiest...etc...at everything. My advice: Ignore their snide remarks and just go on about your business. It has worked well for me, and will probably work for you too.
  11. Don't sell stuff = no money = no blocks = no building for fun xD. Also voting gives alot but not enough :).

    Yea I know all this already so I shouldn't be letting people tell me this :p.

    Letting out some steam was good tho. Yes I realized I said this quite a few times already xD.
  12. "The Wild", where everything is free.
  13. Ah I never would have thought in a million years that I would fall for this... ._. lol. People say that all the time to others who beg for rupees cause they can't afford something.

    Anyways thanks for the input and reminding me of the many a's in life. I will go play some fps games now cya, :p
  14. you can build magnificent monuments if you spend a little time in the wild, no rupees needed

    edit: try saying magnificent monuments ten times fast
  15. You incur a labour and time cost from retrieving the resources though. #economics
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  16. labour and aggregate time used only apply in the sale of goods, you do not incur a psychic value fee for accumulating free goods.

    #real economics
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  17. You don't incur a fee, but at the very least one incurs an opportunity cost. The time used to retrieve free resources from the wild could be put to use towards something potentially more utilitarian or profitable.
  18. every resource you mine is utilitarian, and profitable implies that you must incur a good to receive a good. instead you have a baseline good upon which you can expand. opportunity cost is another example of intrinsic value please remember that all of emc is macro not micro (except within your own microcosm) particularly within the wild. mining sand with your hands holds more opportunistic macroeconomical value then searching for diamonds with a fortune 3 diamond pick.

    your model is basing the cost of raw goods off the cost in town and forgoeing the fact that you can acquire high profit:investment materials by stumbling into a cave right next to wastelands spawn.

    and this is because a diamond ore block mined 30 blocks from spawn costs the same as a diamond ore block mined 10k out
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  19. Lies! Nothing is free! Sure you can save some rupees by going to the wild. It might take you hours to get what you could get in seconds. Think about the Power used to run your PC. Think about the light you use to see (Lamps, etc)Think about the durability of your tools and how you have to replace them. Think about your time and how the value of it is. Think about opportunity cost. Think about if you die and you have to run back to get your stuff and some of your gear despawns. Nothing is free. Nothing.
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  20. And I thought MatPat from Game Theory over-analyzed stuff.