Well Hello... again

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Remember Me?

Yah 7 vote(s) 43.8%
Nah 5 vote(s) 31.3%
Yeah we hated you 2 vote(s) 12.5%
We loved you 3 vote(s) 18.8%
Why are my pants made of cheese? 12 vote(s) 75.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Well... erm.... hello.... again. I don't know if anyone here remembers me but I actually used to be a regular here... 250 days ago. Basically I haven't played Minecraft in a long time, school got in the way, I don't know, but anyways I'm back. Without a residence. All I have is a diamond pick, two diamond axes, some signs, and chicken spawns. So well ask me anything I guess... what I've been doing these past 200 days I don't know... See ya 'round SMP1 I guess. Actually, maybe it's time for a change, what is the best server these days?
  2. Why, smp8 of course.
  3. SMP5 is where its at ;) Of course we remember you lol.
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  4. Smp4 rocks!
  5. :) I'll make sure to visit SMP 5 tomorrow, right now I'm just trying to figure out horses...
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  6. Why are my pants made of cheese?
    Sad to say, i do not know you, and smp5 is the best server
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  7. Smp1 and nine are the busiest, three and six a quietest, two is pretty full or stuff and cool reses, four has a bustling economy i think :p
    Five has mob arena in Wednesdays and Mondays regularly, but other than that it's fairly quiet.
    Seven is mostly a wild server with the LLO there.
    I dunno about eight.
    You won't get much use from utopia...
    Hope this helps :)
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  8. SMP3 needs more people Help us...
  9. Smp2. All the good builds are there.
  10. Hello again; I remember you. :p
    I'd say every server's got something thereā€¦so flip a 9 sided coin and go with that. :p
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  11. SMP2 might have some great builds, but it has more arguing/bickering on it than there is when two girls wear the same dress to prom.
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