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  1. Hey everyone!

    Jack and I brought on two new Wiki Management members to help with keeping our Wiki updated. Everyone please welcome RainbowChin's Head RainbowChin and _Stads_'s Head _Stads_ to the team.

  2. Warm welcomes to the wiki team Rainbowchin and _Stads_ :)
  3. Flaming hot welcomes to the wiki team Rainbow and Stads :D
  4. Just wondering, how did these members get chosen for the job? I think that they will do very well to help keep the wiki updated.
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  5. Same process we use to pick any staff. There is no real process. Just pay attention to everyone and pick the right people for the job when the job needs certain people. :)
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  6. That's a good way to do things. :D
  7. I've helped start/found/run a number of successful communities and found that the process I use, is simple, unexplainable, and perfect. Haha.

    People get frustrated since they know I 99% of the time pick the right people for the job and want to use my 'technique' for their communities, but can't. It's really somewhat of a gift more than a process, of seeing/reading people.
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  8. It is the beard. The beard of true wisdom.
  9. I know exactly how that is trust me. Some people you just.. KNOW. ^_^
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  10. Congrats, you two! From what I've seen in the community, you'll both do a fantastic job. I hope that while you are serving EMC you also have fun doing so. :D
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  11. Just the best two people for the job! Good job guys, have fun ;) Congrats
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  12. Congrats to Rainbowchin and _Stads_, if IceCreamCow picked you, you have to be the best ones for the job!!
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  13. Congrats Guys.
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  14. Congrats _Stads_ and RainbowChin! I know you two will do great at the job :)
  15. Congrats! I know you guys will do a great job! :)
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  16. Welcome to the team :)
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  17. Thank you for all the warm congratulations!Thank you dearly, I'll do what I can to help make the wiki the best it can be for the entire community :D

    And congratulations RainbowChin for being selected for the job! :) You'll be great!
  18. IcecreamCow's strategy:
    1. Knows when it's time to pick staff when beard is a least a foot long.
    2. Says "I am DumbleCow, and new staff shall join us now!"
    3. Lays down on floor, keep body extremely rigid and straight.
    4. The other staff gather in a circle around him.
    5. DumbleCow says "Let the winds of time point me to the right staff!"
    6. All staff push DumbleCow, spinning him around like a game pointer thingy.
    7. Sticky notes with names on them are written in a huge circle all around the room.
    8. DumbleCow looks at which one his beard has pointing at.
    9. Says "My luscious beard of magic candy has spoken! [playername] shall join us as staff!
    10. If beard falls off, no more staff are needed.
    11. If it stays on, repeat process until it falls off.

    Other servers' strategy:
    1. *Pokes member with pickle* "Yup, the pickle didn't bend, you must have been made for staff!"
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  19. Congrats to the both of you! :D
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