Welcome New EMC Staff Members

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  1. We've chosen a few new moderators to help keep and make EMC the best server to play on.

    Everyone give a big welcome to JackBiggin, AlexChance, and AZHamster!
  2. Kewl
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  3. Welcome:D I saw some of them:p
  4. Welcome to all these people I've never heard of..
  5. Congratulations, keep it going.
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  6. Welcome to Staff! Congratulations, JackBiggin, AlexChance and AZHamster!
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  7. Quick everyone, pretend to be surprised!
  8. Wait, are there new staff members?! No one said me. ;)
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  9. Con-Con-Con-Con-Con-Congratulations to the three of you
    I think you guys deserve to join the Dark Council.
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  10. We all saw this coming.
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  11. Except for AZHamster.... still congrats!... even thought i've never heard of him :p
  12. AzHamster ftw <3
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  13. yes. I love him.
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  14. Congrats to everyone! It was well deserved! :)
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  15. jack and alex are mods now? that was unexpected...:cool:
  16. Congrats
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  17. Congratulations To Jack, Alex and AZH.
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  18. Congrats (Again) to all! I haven't heard of AZHamster but since he was approved to be a mod he must be a pretty cool guy and I like his name so double win for him.
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  19. Who the fudge is AZhamster? I've never even heard of him =p! But Congratz anyway