Welcome Mat at SMP2 Western Outpost

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  1. As a (some might say strange) way to welcome people to the wilderness, the Protected Spawn Area around the Western Outpost on SMP2 is now almost completely surrounded by roses (some of the PSA is bordered by sea). The wilderness is an area of exploration, building without limits and if you are lucky, meeting some great people.

    I was assisted in this task by Oremia. Thanks for your help!

    This took about 24 stacks of roses.
    An iron farm? Maybe. ;)
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  2. Why not make a dirt platform on the sea to continue the rose trail? :)
  3. Would really ruin the beautiful scenery
  4. Looks great. I love roses!
  5. Should have stuck a rose on that ugly dirt pillar.
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  6. Lol.