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  1. So, I was logging into EMC with the live map showing my friend and wild base, and I notice that to the north-east of us, there was something that looked like a single cell of an iron farm. When I logged on, my friend was about to head out to investigate as well. When we reached it, there were no structures there, only over a hundred villagers. We checked if it was in the sky despite being rained on, as we approached, the parts on the live map were vanishing. We checked underwater, and my friend did see some iron golems, but no player made structures. We returned to our base, still perplexed on what had happened. I even checked our iron farm to see if anything changed, but nothing did. So, do any of you have stories like this?
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  2. That is pretty interesting. Do you think you could relate details of your story in this thread?

    It may help them figure out what's been going on(or confuse things more).

    I think most of my "weird" Minecraft stories are about people rather than Minecraft specifically. One thing I can think of I saw recently were these underwater blocks of air:

    This second one I took standing on the Sand at the bottom. It was just like I was out on normal land.

    I also saw these last night in a newly generated area of the Nether:

    They didn't seem to be unrendered or anything because of distance. I wasn't impressed enough to climb down there and find out.
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  3. I've seen that happen with town livemap. It seems to keep some of the structure even if reset.
  4. Dat be alot of waypoints...... and i see that in nether alot. Never seen them air pockets before doe.....
  5. Haha. I go through and clean them out occassionally. There was a third one I didn't include because there were even more showing...