Weird String Glitch?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TechNinja_42, Jul 13, 2014.


(Read Thread First)Have you had this happen before?

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  1. So while running my string obsidian generator, I noticed that left clicking the ground while holding string runs the command /res info. Anyone know why?
  2. Pretty sure that's just a thing that is implemented in. As to why it's there, I don't know for sure, but maybe it's a way to get the info on a derelict residence with -move. :p
  3. not a glitch - "feature"
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  4. Thanks, never had it happen before. Definitely a unique way to run /res info :D
  5. I wish this "Feature" was replaced with something useless - like Slime Balls or something.
  6. What you mean is, it was a requirement then turned into a feature.
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  7. I noticed this right when you were able to place string on the ground.
  8. I thought it was a glitch thing too when Techninja_42 mentioned it to me.
  9. It is a feature. Lets you get res information when move is turned off of someones res.
    Hold string and right click on their res!
  10. Isn't that like an invasion of privacy sorta?
  11. you could also do /res info # so I see there no problem :)
  12. Either way you can run the command /res info. If move is off you can stand on the very edge and run the command
  13. It helps if you want to know about a res that has move false set on it
  14. Oh I didn't think about that. Sorry.