[Weekly Contest] "Who's That Character?"

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  1. Hello there EMC community. About a month or two ago, I bought a graphic tablet and havn't done much with it. So I decided that to get a better feel for the graphic tablet I will now draw up characters/animals/etc from various cartoon and anime's. That's when I got the idea to post these drawing up weekly and have the EMC community name the character and get rewarded for being the first one to get it right. At the same time, I'm trying to get people who havn't watch these anime's to take a look at it. :)

    How to play
    Post your guess of who the character/animal/etc is. Use the following format below.
    >>>>>>[Name of character] from [Name of cartoon/anime]<<<<<<


    - Sometimes I might be able to get a drawing up more then once per week so keep an eye out
    - Also most of the drawings are altered from scenes in its show so you might be able to find lots of the same drawing on google :p
    - You can guess multiple times but if you do just edit your post instead of double posting, etc
    - If nobody gets it right within 3 days I will post the name of the show and all you need to do is find the character name. If nobody gets it right within a week it will be revealed :)

    This WEEK's Drawing - Winner - Darksuperlord

  2. Album <- If it does not work please tell me. I'm new to albums in imgur :p

    Past Winners
  3. It's a furby cat!
  4. *Bump* 2 days left until show name is revealed :)

    Btw don't worry I'll make it super easy next week :)
  5. Welp, I'm stumped. I have no idea about any anime characters as I don't watch anime's, even after my relentless Google searches for 'furry anime ear wing creatures' I didn't find anything :(
  6. Meow? Meowch? Fuzzy? Thunder? Ear Wing? Kitty? Cat? Kat? Idk
  7. Is it the Pokemon eevee?? XD
  8. No it isn't. I haven't seen one single full episode of Pokemon, even though I'm obssessed with animated films. Hard to believe but it's true.

    Btw I will reply when someone gets it right or the 3days is up but just letting you know I'm alive :p
  9. Is it a digimon?
    I recognise it...
    Definitely not a Pokemon though
  10. Nope its a side character in an anime. I'll probably make it much easier next week. This anime probably don't get much attention its really old :p.
  11. Iseriously recognise it and its bothering me now...
    Imma list a few animes as a little guess....
    Fairy Tail, One Piece, Sword Art Online
    There's Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke as well but they're movies

    If it isn't any of them then I to give up
  12. Guess you going to have to give up :3 lol.
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  13. Is it Soeru or Ragu from Mokona Modoki?
  14. Nope
  15. is it Ryo-Ohki - the cabbit on Tenchi Muyo?
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  16. WINNER :O - Updated album and OP - Prize given
  17. Gah... What is a cabbit, a catrabbit? Sounds like a cabbage, though it sure doesn't look like one. Nice job, Eklektoi! :)
  18. yay :D thanks for le money too :)
  19. *New drawing up check OP
  20. Sheldon from the Big Bang theory >.>
    I notice from the "Flash" T Shirt...