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  1. I kind of miss the variety of the occasional thunderstorm in minecraft, it's a little boring being constantly sunny in town. What was the original reason for disabling weather in the town world? Is it really that huge a performance drain on the server, or did people just not like it? I know lightning strikes would have to be disabled or at least not start fires, but wouldn't it be nice if town felt a little more alive and dynamic?
  2. This won't happen. I'm not sure the exact reason, but I know that some people cannot play in the rain; they lag so much. Please, make sure no one else suggested this before you post. It was suggested before.
  3. I mentioned this a long time ago and had a mixed response, I wanted to have weather in town on special occasions (e.g. Halloween or Christmas)
  4. I lag in the rain, as do many people. Snow gets annoying fast as it builds up and its up to you to break it. I go to the wild when wanting this stuff, though.
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  5. I don't believe I was thinking of your post, although I might have been.
  6. Personally I would love if there were mobs, weather, and a diverse landscape in town. Ores, mountains, sand, etc. I realize its ridiculous but I think it could be cool. Your plot would be the luck of the draw, with no ability to choose. Just totally random.

    Other players could not build...but creepers could destroy your stuff...and all that that entails. A wild town.
  7. Hmmm a wild town. I like that idea, as a new realm of course.
  8. You could use a dragon egg to do this when it comes out, correct?