Weather in Town

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Do you think we should have weather in town?

Yes 24 vote(s) 64.9%
No 13 vote(s) 35.1%
  1. I think it would be really cool if we could have weather in town not constantly but for special occasions. For example random outbursts of snow at Christmas time (not constant snow but snow showers) or thunder and lightning on Halloween (which is coming up very soon!) however the lighting should not be able to set things on fire. And if its possible some kind of firework mod for Bonfire night (UK 5th of november) or 4th of july?
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  2. Sounds great!
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  3. Snow effect where the snow doesn't settle on the ground actually sounds like quite a good idea to me... :)
  4. Na. The town doesn't have weather for a reason.
  5. He said for only occasional days like Christmas. Whats the reason?
  6. No snow on the ground would work nice, the Firework plugin would be very hard to do, normally a client mod adds the affect servers cant. But maybe using tnt cannons? Something like that, maybe open up and do it there?
  7. Snow is a pain. Rain is a pain. Lightning is a pain. Town is supposed to be a relaxing place, and not an annoying one.
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  8. Snow isn't a pain. Rain you can ignore. Lightning you can turn off the sound. Every cause has an effect.
  9. thanks for the suggestions guys and speedy reply:). anyone know when EMC will be updated to 1.4?
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  10. Actually graphically I think snow and rain are a bit annoying, they kind of clutter the screen. Without this you could just easily have no causes with no negative effects. A residential flag with weather would be nice, but I don't think an entire town having a type weather would be beneficial or necessary.

    And to jake_bagby, I think I saw on the facebook page that 1.4 is out for bukkit and EMC is testing it out now, shouldn't be too long! :)
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  11. They only clutter the screen depending on your texture pack.
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  12. Ahh.. No. They would neverrr let us on If you havn't seen the live map of it, it's blown to pieces... To the point where you can't walk 10 blocks in any direction, without here being something wrong with it... Plus, Akair (I think who said it, or maybe I was Justin) said that it is used for experimenting, and it's an old version of SMP9
  13. Lol, nope. Firework mod would require a client-side mod.

    Also, bonfire night is my favourite day of the year. I can go pyro all over the fields, breathe in firework smoke, and set off fireworks...OK, fine, my parents. Everybody knows you shouldn't let a mooshroom set off fireworks. We could become hypnotized by the fireworks for days...

    Joking, i'm 12. Of course I can't set off fireworks.
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  14. i also love bonfire night! unfortunately welsh schools are stupid and i have to go back to school on the 5th of November bonfire night so it will be rubbish this year!
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  15. Your a pain... This is a very nice idea. Although it'd make it very hard for me to play (I'm partially blind, as you can now see why it'd be hard) Id still love to have weather for halloween and christmas and such.
  16. I like the idea, or this....

    Being able to choose if you want weather in your lot. Like: /res pset weather (Sun,Snow,Rain,Storm)
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  17. If you don't like how snow and rain looks, find a texture pack that gets rid of the texture.

    I do like this idea, it has no harm. :)
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  18. I like this idea.
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  19. Yes thats another good idea but i dont know if they could incorporate it into separate lots
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  20. I'm sure they could easily make another custom plugin alongside with the Residence update they're doing soon, I'm pretty sure weather would be easy to do, though I have a feeling it would make it a little laggy in Town.