We Are Ready For Helpers In The SMP4 Paradise Project!

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  1. Okay.... its finally here.... and we are ready to start bringing this MASSIVE Project to the 24 Residences on SMP4
    The wall is up and the towers will be soon. Now we need to do the dirty work! Yes I mean DIRT.... Lots and Lots of Dirt.... 6 Reses all the way to the bedrock.... Yeppers.... SIX!

    We will provide the Best Shovels and you can have the dirt and do with what you want. Maybe even some Epic Smp4 Paradise Project Dirt auctions.... :)

    If you are willing to donate some time to this part... You will be assured a bigger part in all the rest of the building and decorating!
    We have decided that the Palace is going to encompass the reses within the walls....
    We will tell you the next step after we get it started....

    But first.... the dirt must go!

    Whose In? There may be a few Heads As Rewards if you are in it for the win... :)
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  2. I'm in. I can start tomorrow.
  3. Once I get home from my first few hours back to work this evening... wish me luck...
    I will be here pretty much all the way through Tues Evening.... I will get you all set up and flags... :)
    THANK YOU!!!
  4. I would love to volunteer as much time as possible. Just tell me when I can work.
  5. AWESOME!!!
    I will be home at about 9:30pm Est tonight... I will get chests and flags set up and get you Unbr III Eff V Diamond shovels.... Oh Yeah!
    Only the best for those who help us! :)

    You can then dig till your little hearts content! Just get the shovels to like 100 left and then drop in at 8100 Donation Center and I will get you a new one!!! :)
  6. r0bbie. i spent a long time digging bobthetomatos res. ill dig for you too :)
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  7. Too bad the dragon egg dirt removal feature has not yet been added.
    That would be most helpful :).
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  8. Go See Chickeneer! He is helping me get this all set up today!!! :)
  9. I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!
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  10. I'll help tell me when I can start. :D
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  11. No! I volunteer as tribute in place of you!
    (I'll do it also. :D )
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  12. THANK YOU.... We will be set up and ready soon... Chickeneer is helping me get it all set up so it will be ready by this evening! :)
  13. There is enough dirt for everyone!!! 6 Reses to Bedrock to be exact!!! LOL
  14. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT LET YOUR SHOVELS BREAK!!! Put them in the donation hoppers at 8100 and we will get you a new one!!! You break it... No more for you... LOL
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  15. Sounds great. If you need any help with the organization let me know. :)
  16. I know i'm in senior crew and I'm obviously going to help at some point, but count me in for res digging! Lets get them efficiency IV and unbreaking III shovels at the ready! lol :p
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  17. I can dig some and then use my TNT!
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  18. I have the next two months to fill. I can help out tons.
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  19. Question, where is all this dirt we dig going?
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  20. Into your inventory. Dirt is worth nothing, and I don't think they need it.
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