Way too much Stress in Town Chat!

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Is there a lot more drama in chat now?

Yes 38 vote(s) 86.4%
No 6 vote(s) 13.6%
  1. Hey EMC,

    The last few days there has been way too much stress in town chat, but tonight was one of the worst nights. Over the past few months i have had people make Fun of me, and make rude comments and rude jokes about me. It is almost discusting, I also have people telling me to "Shut Up' when they are calling others names, and i ask them nicly. It brings me to tears. When I report, thet dont even get a mute, sometimes they get off before staff can do anything. I dont have the stress to hold from real life and EMC. I play EMC to try and get away from it, but it has found its way to the game. Alot of the older players are nicer, but some of the newer ones are very rude. there is about 30 players on smp6 (My Home Server) that are very rude to me.

    When someone is getting called names i try to help asking them to stop, but then they just start on me, and there seems to be nothing done.

    I don't even know what to do half the time now, I keep distancing my self from players. and it does not seem to be working very well.

    I have turned off my town chat and supporter chat for now, still have local, res and PM on so can see thoes. I may turn them back on in the future, will see. I also banned everyone from my reses. When i turn chat back on in a few days, and everyone is not making fun of me, or rude to me, i will set move back on. For now, move is off exept one res.

  2. I know what you mean
  3. Yep, I was there but not paying attention however I did see some garbage, particularly from our long-time resident troll.
    A few newer players need to be brought in line too.

    All I can say is that we need to coerce a mod to spend more time on 6 or perhaps nominate someone for the role.

    Both you and Anon are very worthy candidates that I would expect to see as mods sometime soon and I believe you have both applied.

    I'm not sure there are too many others that have shown any interest or spent enough time here to know everyone or all the rules.

    Anyway, stay out for a bit and just talk to us. If you do feel the need for some group chatting, feel free to /invite me.
  4. Its all the new people... They just dont have the same respect(there are some good ones out there dont get me wrong)... I mean there are also the 40 or 50 day old people who just are so buggy and stuff but i rarely see someone like that over 100 days. I recommend making a group with people you want to talk to and typing /chat hide town
  5. Honestly I haven't seen much. 5 is pretty small and there's not a lot happening. If you ever need a place to just take a break SMP5 is the place to be. :)
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  6. Yeah I noticed this a lot. I tried to tell people to stop being rude or spamming or caps and report them but nothing comes of it. I just do /ch off from now on
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  7. SMP5 has always been chill
  8. Finch, as an smp6er I understand your pain. There has been many times I log out cause chat is out of control and no one does anything about it.

    I agree with bara SMP6 could use a full time MOD with Pvp and all the new players chat is a mess. I have nothing but respect for you and you can expect some tells from me. And some Quartz. I'll see you in game
  9. I may not be as old as you (In days) But, I surely do understand what you mean!
  10. I don't generally pay much attention to chat, unless i get a pm or something. But on the occasion I hit T and check whats up in Town chat, I have definitely noticed more drama, rudeness, and hostility towards one another. I'll be honest, most of what I have seen was on smp6. I feel that there may not be enough staff from 6 to be able to handle it all the time.

    Last time I was on 6, and participating in Town chat, 2 people were having a go at eachother, and things went from bad to just disgusting in a few minutes. During the whole time, a Moderator Was on and doing nothing about it. It was so bad, I felt that I had to be the Moderator and break it up... While doing so I, out of all people... I was told to stop. Keep in mind, I was not involved in the situation other than telling the people to stop. I had not said anything that could have been deemed offensive, or hostile. From this incident, I was honestly Genuinely Disappointed in how the staff handled that situation.

    Someone may say "why didn't you just /report them". My response to that is, If there is a staff member playing on the server and watching the Town chat, I shouldn't have to. That and, I do not usually report people for small offenses like that. Things like Griefing, Stealing, Hacking, etc. I treat differently, but small things like that I do not usually report.
  11. I highly suggest using /staff, find a staff member on another server, explain to them what is going on, and they will go set the chat straight. I have occasionally seen chat blow up out of control, and reporting just isn't fast enough.
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  12. Oh, I thought there was too much stress in the iown chat.
    EDIT: But seriously, screenshot the chat and send it to a Staff member on the forums for better proof of what they're doing in the future.
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  13. I obviously cannot comment on the issue you described above, but in general I have to agree about town chat in general. Sometimes, despite the server you're on, things can get out of hand a bit. Up to a point where I'm happy that I know how to ignore or turn it off completely.


    As you can see I'm a gold supporter at the time of writing (voucher). As such I started to look around Utopia and last night a friend of mine and myself were spending some quality time there. First thing popping to our mind (no offense; honest opinion): "At least this town chat has a LOT less drama, this is pretty relaxed!".

    Sometimes things can get a little out of hand.

    But on the positive side; more than often issues also manage to resolve themselves.
  14. That is one of the Many reasons I love Utopia. Aside from being one of the Greatest AFK servers of all, It has by far the greatest group of active players. There may not be a lot of conversations in Town chat, or Supporter chat, but when their is one, It is a great conversation :)
  15. It always helps to find someone you can always talk to and have a good time with, it's a nice way to have one simple conversation and enjoy yourself. if you ever want to talk again you can usually find me on smp7
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  16. I guess what you're experiencing mostly happens when I am not online, i.e. when Europeans sleep :)
    If someone is plain rude than inviting a mod is reasonable, but otherwise I think it is better to deal with it yourself.
    30 people that are very rude is alarming.

    - be more reserved and less friendly to those
    - don't discuss with them, ignore them
    - don't let them know about your private life, intentions, projects, ...
    - just tell "this is quite rude of you" and don't discuss
    - don't let it stress you (too much)
    - try to understand what kind of people are that, why they are doing that
    - some just enjoy draining your energy, avoid them, use /ignore
    - don't let them notice your emotional reactions, play cool
    - discuss specific issues in private with well-disposed peers like people who posted on this thread (at least up to and including #16 :))
  17. As well as getting staff (which has been suggested someone up there ^), PLEASE DO REPORT. Finch: it might not look like they're getting a mute or anything (and they might not be), but if you report them, then it is permanently on their record that they were behaving like an idiot in chat. Also, multiple reports raise priority on Square's queue. :)
  18. I've looked into the logs for reports and I see a few from smp6, but not more than any other server. It is known that on weekends, it gets a little more hectic in town chat and players are more prone to breaking the rules.

    However, from what I see in my square logs, the incidents that are reported are handled fairly quickly. What specific time of the day are you having the most issues with?
  19. What needs to be done is, we need more staff which don't just have the same time, and get a range of staff that are from all different places, and staff that come on a lot more and deal with the issues quick, yes your using squre to do most of this, how about you get in game and deal with it to stop it easier.

    I know how you feel my friend, I get the same thing as you most's day's, what I tend to do is just laugh it off, otherwise they get to you and it get annoying, some day's I feel like, there's not much point on coming on because It will happen again, I'm from the UK, and I feel like there isn't enough staff from the UK that can deal with these people when I'm on,
    and wish there was more so they are dealt with, Where I do come on a lot, and stay on a lot and play late, I get it all again at night when most of the other time zones all come on.

    Point saying, We need more staff.

    Thanks, BT :D
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  20. UK moderator here *waves*.....

    If it kicks off and no other mod is on the server, please feel free to /staff and give me a shout :)