Watch it how much you're buying or you'll get banned!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by serialkicker, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Hello fellow players,

    i just had one one bad experience happened to me, which is now very confusing me.
    So, i was at the certain mall looking fo sulphur and i have bought about 4 stacks of it and so emptied the shop. 20 minutes later I'm banned from that residence and owner gets all pissed off like a little kid when you take away his fav toy from him. "You have cannibalized my shop, you have to learn to respect other players and how to make friends etc"... I was like "Huh?" And so according to him most major mall owners are banning people who buy "too much" from their shops.
    So I come to the shop and I'm not allowed to buy as much as i want, but it's ok if 10 players comes and buy it all out?

    I have a shop myself and I have never had any troubles with whoever bought all of my wool, glowstone, logs, whatever. Why would I? I put the stuff there to sell it! And i sold it! So, what's the bid deal here?
    If you don't want to sell all the sulphur save it for yourelf as much as you want in your private chest.
    And EVEN if i would buy stuff to resell it (like I was being accused by the owner), why do you care? That's bussiness and no rules are preventing me to buy as much as i want. Some make money of enchanted tools, some of mined ores, some of providing various services and some of buying cheap stuff and sell it for higher price - reselling! It's your choice how you'll play the game and earn money. I won't tell anyone how to play their own games. As long as you're not breaking rules, feel free to do whatever you want!

    I really can't understand problem of this. If you want your shop stocked all the time, then don't run a mall by yourself if you can't keep it in stock.
    I have absolutely no problem with anyone buying whatever they want and how much they want from my shop. For all i care one guy or girl alone can buy out the whole shop.

  2. To the shop owner: isn't that I bit too harsh?
  3. I agree with you, I got banned from a famous shop from buying glasses!

    "reselling" why would it do that......
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  4. I put my own prices as for how much i want to sell certain item. So if i sell glowstone for 20 and someone buys it I'm happy and for all i care he can sell it for 100r a piece to some other guy! I got my money for what i was selling it and that's it.
  5. Yeah thats very silly. I have people buy my store out all the time, I dont mind because they are PAYING for the goods.
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  6. When I see someone buying a lot of an item I usually do the opposite and check my price to see if I've made a mistake and under priced it.

    Something I do ask when I see people spamming my box are: Do you want to bulk buy? I can set up a chest for a larger amount. Also: Please let me know how much more you'll be needing so I can try and keep up with you, since I don't want to run out.

    Hey if you can buy my 10r whatsit and resell it for 12r, more power to ya.
  7. I dont see how its any different than 30 people buying it out, you still get the money, so who cares?
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  8. @OP you are absolutely correct. I've had same myself.

    A shop, banning me, 'coz I buy too much.


    Like... d'ya wanna sell things, or what?

    People are, mostly, stupid. Accept that, move on, and don't give 'em any more custom.

    Thanks for doing this nicely, by not mentioning the name; kudos for that.

    Flipping the coin: Trying to see it from their (wrong, twisted) viewpoint:
    Bob spends 1 hour gathering 20 stacks sand from the desert. Then he does other stuff. Over a few days, he sells a couple of 'em, at 64. Yay, Bob is happy; he now has enough to buy that shiny armour he wanted.
    Jill strolls in and buys all his sand; clicky-clicky-clicky. Bob has more money, but now feels obliged to get more sand; goes back to that desert for another hour; re-stocks. Gets two chests full.
    Fred buys all of it, in a couple of trips.
    Bob gets frustrated; he feels obliged to get more sand, for his customers. But, he wants to go adventuring instead.
    Bob sets -move on Fred and Jill. They're upset.

    I'm just trying to see why it happens. It's wrong, but, I think that's why.

    Bob should decide: do you wanna sell sand, or not?

    It's Bob's problem, not yours, serial.

    And, I type too much. Let's go out mining some time soon.
  9. I agree. Maybe I've underpriced some of my items, so I might just have to adjust the price later, then. But if one person buys my entire stock of something, I'm fine with that. I made my money. Besides, I don't have a large mall. Most of what I sell is easily renewable for me.

    I did have one person buy out an entire double chest of jungle logs in one night. So I might just have to raise the price when I refill it. But also, I've recently added bulk buying options to many of my items (for a discount even). So it's actually a little cheaper to buy in bulk from me. I put my stuff there to sell. If it doesn't, I lower the price. If it sells fast, I raise the price. But I would never ban someone for depleting my stock all by themselves.
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  10. It does seem silly and unjustified.

    (Edit) My opinion stands, based on the information you gave is in full and factual. :)
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  11. That is sad, I completely agree with you. You can buy out my shop though!:D! I don't mind!
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  12. I think if they didn't want people to buy all they gear, all they have to do is ask like this...
    Bob: *Puts up sign stating, Please only take one stack, Thank you for your consideration.
    And if Jill and Fred are considerate then they would listen. Kinda like when Leo hosts those Auctions for newbies and requests people whom have wealth not to bid. Most of them were considerate to do so. The others wanted to donate the goods, which was also a good gesture.
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  13. IMO you make a shop because you want people to buy from it... if you dont want people buying your stuff 1, make it OP or 2, dont sell it...

    Just move on dude, 1783 will never ban any one for buying too much, it just goes against basic business principles
  14. I'm glad you posted this serial. The same thing happened to me. I felt like an outlaw when a shop owner banned me from his shop after I bought 4 stacks of end stone. He said I was gonna re-sell it in my shop. I don't even sell end stone.....I donated it to a project.

    I agree with all the feedback here. It doesn't matter who buys from your shop or the reason they're buying it (you're making money!!) It's the shop owner's responsibilty to regulate their prices. I have shop owners buy from my shop quite frequently & I welcome them!
  15. Personally I don't have a single buy/sell chest set up. If I did, and somebody cleared it out but I didn't want it to get cleared out, this would be a pretty clear cut message to raise the price of this particular item. That is their responsibility as a shop owner. The other side of this though, is that the shop owner reserves the right to deny service to anybody for any reason.

    So in my opinion, is it a jerk move on the buyers part? No, it was for sale, and you bought it.
    Was it a jerk move on the shop owners part? I think so, because they didn't price the item high enough to balance inventory.
    Does it mean they need to reprice the item? Probably

    Just my $.02
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  16. I have banned many resellers.

    For one reason, to prevent inflation. A few people (wont mention any names) have tried to actually buy out all the stores no matter the cost, then resell at a very very high price. and since they bought out every store they could, they can rip people off.

    See: "Price Gouging" (Wiki)

    It may not make a lot of since to most people. But to any big shop owner that has money and has moved on to more of a "Want to help the community" stand point...its a must have preventative. Now on the flip side, it is the shop owners job to filter gougers from regular customers. Not just ban wildly.
  17. Leo, sometimes you should check if the man sells cobblestone, or is building a huge random dome in his residence, which he has sic e deleted. -.-
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  18. I bet whoever banned you feels anxious now that everyone is saying that he/she did wrong XD :3
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  19. That's a pretty SAD reason to ban someone off their res who's giving you rupees on a silver platter...
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