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  2. The Paris Flag? Derp I mean France's, of course. Still working on my coffee :p
  3. Have you not seen the terrorist attacks in Paris, France?
    the French Flag* Paris is a city.
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  4. ohhh I just realized what it was lol
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  5. Yep, fixed my post. XD hehe.
  6. Technically that's the backwards one I posted just before I realized I had it backwards. Correct one should be up soon. It takes a little bit for the site to recognize a new logo went into the file.
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  7. Very thoughtful krysyy #TheEmpireAtItsFinest
  8. Don't be rude, everyone makes mistakes :rolleyes:
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  9. He wasn't being rude. He was saying that it was a very thoughtful thing to do.
  10. Ah, I misread I thought he was talking about your mistake :confused:
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  11. Silly kel
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  12. #prayforparis