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  1. I know I've used it but it needs to be here
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  2. I don't know how to respond to what I just read...
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  3. Well, that was an entertaining read. :p I can't see MineCraft as EVER being considered overly violent, primarily because most people in the real world don't look like painted cardboard boxes.
  4. Um...are they serious? I dont know how minecraft could be considered violent.
  5. Yes, I believe they are VERY serious xD
  6. Well thats interesting
  7. Have you ever met someone who looks like painted cardboard boxes? I have.
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  8. I usually don't say this, but I'm afraid the situation has come down to this. My only answer to this is the following:

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  9. "Alright, after Minecraft gets banned, we will have handled all video games that influence violence."
    "Sir, living mushrooms are being killed in the game of Mario"
    "Good catch, let's ban that video game!"
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  10. Maybe the suppressive Turkish government is afraid of the creativity that comes out of playing MC. Or maybe they are afraid of the in-game chat, that could be used to secretly and unseen from the intelligence to plan a revolution to overthrow the Erdogan regime...
  11. any more discussion needed?
  12. Islam is being a bit too peaceful here... pls don't hurt me staff
  13. Even the Russians just took games like the Sims 4 and plonked them with the 18+ rating for "relation" reasons.
    The Turkish government has gone mad. No, wait, they went mad when they built Erdogan that huge palace.
    Just my two pennies on this matter.
  14. Yeah, Notch tweeted about it.
    I honestly disagree with this. Sure, Minecraft contains quite a bit of violence, but I think nowhere near enough to be banned. Otherwise they can hardly play any games anymore.