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  1. The Christian newsletters have been warning us for close to twenty years now. According to Ask Peter, for example:

    “Pokeman teaches young children the basics of elemental magick – how to use elemental spirits: fire, water, earth, air, ethers. By the time kids master the occult basics of Pokeman they are ready to move into Magic the Gathering.
    “MG is like a flight simulator that teaches kids spiritual warfare but from the side of the Adversary of God and NOT from the side of the Most High God. Kids learn how to conjure and manipulate demonic entities. There is real power associated with the playing of this game. Tournaments are set up all over the world to recruit these MG prodigies right into the occult. To be involved in the occult requires individuals to have very high intelligence and you mentioned that your son does. In your note you wrote that your son wants to be a vampire and live forever. The object of MG is to suck the life force out of you opponent and take on his energy – in effect this is what vampires do.”
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  2. I'll be the first...
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  3. I sense this thread ending badly...
  4. We all do...
  5. I'm12WHAT.jpg

    I traveled back in time! :cool:
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  6. wat.
  7. Meaning that a flame war could start
  8. C'mon guys, everyone knows that Pokemon is actually hidden full of hidden messages to brainwash kids so they will take over America for the Japanese.Yes, that is a South Park reference.
  9. lol I can't eve understand what this thread is about so I will just ride my time traveling unicorn to somewhere else! *WHEEEEEEEE*
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  11. I see what you did there.
  12. I've never seen any Catholic forget to "be Catholic" by playing Pokémon.
    I've only seen them forget to study... several times at that...
    And also the writers of that newsletter don't even know the game's name
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  13. **Just to clarify, not ALL of us Christians are this insane**
  14. Lol yeah... I'm a Christian and I would probably never go that far :p
  15. Some Christians say Pokemon makes children believe in evolution xD
  16. Wow...that article is pretty intense. I must add that as a child, I was banned from watching shows like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer due to their content. But even my grandparents, being the staunch Catholics that they are, allowed me to watch animated shows like Pokemon and Yugioh. The really sad part is that by banning the game, it makes the child want it even more and they are more likely to disobey you. My brother and I always snuck into another room while my grandma was watching her daytime soaps to watch Charmed. Looking back, I probably wouldnt have cared as much for the show if she hadn't forbid it in her house.

    Also, I'll add that my Grandmother now loves Doctor Who when it shows on PBS on Saturday nights. If there was ever a show that she should be against, it would be that one...

    One final note: I'm watching this thread now so any flame wars that start up will result in immediate deletion (and if it gets bad enough, in-game punishment so dont do it)....
  17. Lol did you read the post I put up?