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  1. So, since I was mining recently, almost very cave i have found is cleared out. Does anyone know when it will reset?
  2. The wastelands is reset every few months. Also, I find it incredibly hard to believe that you went more than a few hindered blocks out. Go out around 1000 blocks and you'll find new caves.
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  3. I would recommend digging your own cave. This wasteland has been here for a while and all of the easy ores have been cleared out.
  4. Yep many people only go within 100 blocks of the SAFE POINT!! Many great places out beyond to be found!!!
  5. Now, now.. no judging please....

    Not saying you guys did, but ... meh..

    Allow me: nothing wrong, dear OP (original poster, that is you stunter230), by trying to play things safe. But, here is where I do agree with the others, there is also something like over caring (no offense!).

    SO allow me to spout some general (but usually overlooked (I did the same)) info....
    • The Empire isn't one (dark forced) server (sorry, its stronger than me). Its 9!
      • Don't find what you want on /waste? Hop scotch! : /smpx, followed by /waste there.
      • Seriously: check the server overview, click one of the names for a live map and be blown away!
    • If you're using: /waste. bzzzt. They got to you, I will now share the hidden knowledge and get you to gain more.... The waste, like other places, has wind directions. Do not rely on /waste. My dear player: access the previously mentioned maps and directions then act accordingly. /smp1 (go to server 1) followed by /waste c, will send you to the center of the waste of smp1.
      • Which may or may not have, but very likely, a huge mesa biome (generated clay!) at the time of writing. Nothing I'd know; I have no idea its west of the center outpost.
    • Zecret tip :)
      • No one will bother to read this *lol*... "oh coal, useless; ignore!".
      • Why are you not interested in what lies beyond? Borderline comment: at "another place" I saw the same stuff: "who cares about coal?". Usually mentioned by, I am not kidding here, the same kind of people who complained about the lack of dia's. Seriously: guess what I found after digging out coal drops?
    I'd write more, but considering the time...
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  6. Second this. Ran off with 14 diamond ore last night during the Friday night mining because nobody bothered to dig out the coal near y=12. I get that the definition of value changes, but remember this:

    There is a reason why they're called "diamonds in the rough"
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  7. Also Coal is easy EXP
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