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  1. So. There is no rules about wastelands. Actually, it is an disposable map for people to gather resources. However, there are people who build there. And claim it as their "properties".
    Said that, there is this "mining event" going on in SMP5. We go there, mine with others, end of the story. But there are dozens of people building houses there. Like, real houses. Although there is no rules at all about properties, regions or plots in wastelands.
    So i'm there, exploring, then i enter the house of a guy and he says "get out", and i'm like "why?" and he is like "it is my house, get out". Then the happy sensitive staffs come at me like "he built it, it is his, get out of his house.
    And then i followed saying there is no rules about this kind thing there (and i was doing nothing wrong actually). After i said that, i got kicked for 1 hour for "making drama/trouble". Like, 2 staffs and a bunch of player whining about something so stupid and i even get kicked for saying it is non-sense? I don't get it. Staff should judge better. I mean, look at this situation..

    And then will be people like "oh no, but the morality, you need to respect other players". Where exactly i disrespect another player? The area was being completely destroyed and messed up by players just and because i'm upside someone else's block IN AN NO PROPERTIE'S RULES area i'm "disrespecting" him? Again: non-sense.
    The only rule is about griefing, obviously. But the guy constructed his house in the middle of an mining site, during an mining "event" with a bunch of players running around. What does he want? What the staff is going to do every time someone put an foot inside someone else's house in the waste? Kick them? This is non-sense (sorry for repeating "non-sense" as i can't say disrespectful words). Also, he invited me to his group right before all this happened.. so.. non-sense again.

    The staff also said "ItsMeMatheus: No, but they're aware of the risks of building here". If they know the risks, do the staff need to hold their hands every time something insignificant like that happens?
    Anyway, I'll watch some series for the next hour and forget about this sensitive staff members
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  2. Why bother the player if it wasn't a big deal ? Should always respect other players things even in the waste. Have fun for the next hour and go back and enjoy the game
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  3. Forum posts like this have a high chance of extending that one hour. If you have a problem with staff, talk to Krysyy. Threads like this get you nowhere.

    And it's ONE HOUR. You broke some rules, get over it and move on. A post wasn't necessary.
  4. As i predicted. Well, 99% of the people will give the same answer, so yeah, waste of time.
  5. Oh wait, which rules I broke exactly?
    And I was just expressing, I wasn't asking for an action or solution. It was just an extremely silly situation.
  6. Rule #5.
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  7. I recommend that start a convo with Krysyy if you want file a complaint and best to ignore this thread before you say something that you'll regret. As for other member prolly best to do the same. Now everyone enjoy your night and have some fun....

    Here's your link to start convo with krysyy:http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=krysyyjane9191
  8. When there are large group events, it is easy for one tiny upset to cause a large one. This is compounded by the issue that large concentrations of players are difficult to watch "closely." Thus, they sometimes have to moderate more severely in order to keep order.

    What might be a one hour ban in an event might be just a kick/conversation a normal time. I suspect that your "punishment" is more rooted in the event rather than the action. I don't know all the details though, so I can only speculate.
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  9. Keep in mind that there are rules regarding property in the waste because the existence of anti-griefing rules in the waste implies ownership rights exist. Otherwise griefing can't be banned because nothing is owned by anyone.

    Regarding going into someone's house without permission: to be frank you wouldnt do that outside of minecraft, so why do it inside minecraft? People build houses because they want their own space and dont want people intruding on that space. Let them have that space. If you want to enter that space, get their permission before doing so.
  10. AKA shutup and do what they tell yah

    Funny such a rule because it depends of the staff judgment, humor, way of thinking, patience, etc. It means if the guy is in a bad day, don't cross his way. You all can agree or disagree, but this is in fact how it works. So how to break a rule that can shape itself to fit ANY situation, depending only of the arbitrary will of another? That is insane. But as I said, the real meaning - "shutup and do what they tell yah" - would save so much trouble. But they need to say it somehow "polite" way.
  11. THAT is the thing: while the discussion there was happening, and I was kicked, I ALREADY WAS FAR FAR from that house. I was going back to an mining tunnel nearby. In other words: everything that just happened, happened only in chat. They didn't even bothered to check if I left the guy's house or not. In the second I login i'll appear not even close to that place (well, close, but as close as anyone else there).

    And in the possibility I'm lying, they can actually check my last location to see where I was.
  12. You should step back and take a breather for a bit. I'm concerned your hotheadedness is going to force staff to consider extending/upgrading your punishment.
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  13. I'm not even bothered with that anymore, we are just talking about the matter. Why? The way i'm typing is somehow offensive? Can't you just close the thread then? Cuz.. i don't see how i'm being "hotheaded" here.. i'm just explaining the stuff.
    But as I was saying, I wasn't in the guys house anymore when MrSocks kicked me, so.. yeah. And as I said up there: "I was just expressing, I wasn't asking for an action or solution. It was just an extremely silly situation."

  14. I will close this thread per requested but please take my advice and start convo with krysyy to resolve this situations before things turns to worse.
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  15. This thread has been closed, but seeing as how it is a member's concern about our staff, I will go ahead and reply to clear the air of any communication error/confusion regarding the issue and staff involvement.

    ALL player creations on EMC are to be treated with respect. True, the waste does reset and you shouldn't build any long term structures there because they will be wiped clean with the periodic resets. That being said, you are expected to show respect for your fellow players and their builds.

    I can tell from your chat logs that you seem to believe that because it was the wastelands, that no one can claim a house as their own. If a player builds it and it is not in a claimed outpost, then it is theirs and it is expected that you treat it and them with respect. After a staff member/others told you this, you became upset and started arguing in chat about it, stirring up drama. That and your given past transgressions in the last day resulted in an hour long ban from the Empire Minecraft Servers.

    All Empire Staff treat players based on their player history and a staff member will never ban you without reason.

    Next time, if you have a problem with a staff member, PLEASE message me instead of making a thread. I do not read every thread on here unless I get a report about it and the best way to make me aware of a situation and help to explain/correct it is to talk to me directly.
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