Waste Destroying Party

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Would you like us to come to your SMP ?

yes !! 31 vote(s) 88.6%
No why would you do this ? 4 vote(s) 11.4%
  1. Have you ever wanted to take a beacon out into the waste with a bunch of friends ? Have you ever wanted to clear a 100x100 area from top layer to bedrock ?

    Well we did it.

    If you would like to see our hole please go to SMP6 /waste w and head east you can't miss it

    With some really good friends whom I will list in a second we made this happen! It has always been my dream to clear a huge whole with some friends.

    We took some pictures had some adventures and made alot of mess

    It started out simple enough really. I messaged a bunch of friends and asked what they thought of the idea.

    M4nic_M1ner came up with some great ideas and helped alot with the set up process. He ran a pick repair service the day of the event and i must say that kept everything moving. Without him it would have taken alot longer.

    Dramanya provided mules to help in the transporting of goods. She and Manchilde hung out in the hole for a few days and I must say their good naturedness and general happiness made the time fly by

    Anonreturns lent her overall OCDness to the event. If anyone knows her you should know that she is very very ocd. And we love her for it

    Littlegamer, Silken_thread, SusugeckyEepchae, Perry_stahlis,Baradar67, and BanditLM were all part of the original invite.

    We had a lot of fun over a few days and we will be doing it again soon. maybe on an SMP near you ??

    Now for the pics. Click links makes it easier.

    These pics are by dwight I believe

    These are from MM

    And ill have some soon when I swap Pcs
  2. After


    Now don't worry, the most of the stone has already been sold! ;)
    Hurry to get the rest at /v 12162 ;)
  3. A cheerful part of the mining party :)

  4. I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Effin for proposing the initial idea, this wouldn't have gone so well without his coordinated planning within the group :) And my OCD wasn't THAT bad guys, if I had it my way we would have done it layer by layer from the very start, and the holes in the wall would all be filled ;)

    This is undeniably one of the best experiences I've had one EMC with a group of people who are like a second family to me, despite all the different time zones and whatnot :p I never thought I'd get round to doing something like this, but to see it done in only a few days, and end up looking pretty awesome (If I don't say so myself :p) has been so much fun!

    Everyone's cooperation and team spirit really made this whole idea become a reality, and the sheer amount of tokens we got from group mining was definitely a bonus ^_^
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  5. yes yes it was!
    but i do know more than most :D

    this was so much fun!!
    i think i stayed in that hole the most of the time :D with brilliant fun! i loved every minute of it

    ok.. not every minute.. i still grieve D's New Dawn.. the god bow B made me a and named after me.. <3
    i will take a moment of silence for a good partners that fell to lava.... i think most of us lost somone down there..

    i loved spending time with you guys!
    call me if you want to do this again :*
  6. I'm still in the hole.

    Thanks m4nic for the before and after shots.
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  7. Holy crap! That's awesome! I would love to be a part of making that sometime! PM me if you are doing it again please! :)
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  8. There will be another event held on another SMP soon I'm sure. This one will be open to the public of anyone is interestsed.
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  9. That was the biggest hole I've ever dug, in my whole minecraft life.:)
  10. I'll help. I've done a couple large holes before
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  11. hah
  12. That's a giant crater there :p I'm impressed! xD
  13. Big hole :D fill it with water
  14. We have had a couple ideas for what to use it for. Something public it is in the waste after all.
  15. Unintentional joke. I like it
  16. If there is no water nearby, do what f_builder said. A squid farm would only require buckets of water and signs, and some hard labor. But ink sacs are worth a little bit.
  17. A tree farm or mob farm may be better.

    It's open for discussion.