{WANTING} jobs of any kind

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  1. Im wanting any jobs you have. I can do it. I will need a decent pay but I will get it done!
  2. I'll give you a Job.
    Your job will be going to the wild or whatever and get me these things.

    Get me These double chests (54 stacks of each item)
    Birch logs
    Oak logs
    Jungle logs
    pine logs

    We'll agree payment through PM.
  3. Okay I will get them done soon. Just PM me now or something and Ill see what I can do. I can definetely get the logs done.
  4. I have a job. Please start a convo with me for details.
  5. BTW.. You can keep giving me the DC's of logs, it's not a 1 time job if you want to.
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  6. Guys im off to bed. Ill chat with you tomorrow or something. I have school aswell so I will see what I can do job wise.

    CoopDawger out!
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