[WANTED] 23 people for long term, extremely well paid and lucrative job

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  1. I'm looking for 23 people to assist me in the running of a Wild outpost. The outpost will be made up of 2 sectors, a massive resource factory and an artistic metropolis, all within a walled city. There will be 2 teams who each get half of each sector, and will be required to assist me in the construction and operation of the resource factory.

    One member from each team will be nominated a Residential Representative. They will be required to run the most valuable resources produced by their team from the Wild into Town once a week in order to auction off the goods on the forums. Once the goods have been auctioned, they will then distribute the money equally among all 12 teammates, which shall act as the wage for your work.

    As well as keeping most of your wage for personal use, you are invited to reinvest it in the construction of a chain of megamalls across all the servers, headed by the Res-Rep. To supply these, the Res-Rep can also use your investment to build wild colonies and employ workers to operate them. Of course, all profits derived from your team's chain shall be divided equally among all team members.

    As well as this, you're also encouraged to invest your wage in building resources to build the artistic metropolis. It is not mandatory, but I encourage it, as it would be nice to have you all living in a pretty city :)

    The wild outpost will be entirely democratic. The leadership position I hold is merely ceremonial except for a few diplomatic powers I exercise to hold the teams together in friendly competition. To keep up the quality of goods exported and the quality of constructions, each week players will be asked to vote for the least productive person. Whoever gets the most votes is expelled from the outpost. Players will also be able to vote for who should be invited to the outpost, someone they believe can drastically improve the city and factory operations.

    Team reshuffles, team leader elections and referendums on outpost code (the rules) will also take place, to keep everything running smoothly.

    If anyone wants the job, pm me and I'll ask you a few questions then I'll give you coords if I can trust you.
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