[WANTED/HIRING] Mall Manager

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  1. Hello all, I'm going to make this simple: I'm going to be opening a mall in about a month, and with personal stuff, I cannot be on all the time to make sure my mall runs smoothly. That's where you come in. Fill out this form, full of some questions I want answered; some are just extra and help your chances if you do fill it in. Pay will be discussed when you're hired. Any questions you have will be answered if you reply to this thread. Do NOT private message me, and do NOT find me online asking me about your application. If I'm interested, I'll find you.

    Edit: Looking for 3 managers, so it could be anyone. You may need to be on a server you don't use often, but I will try to consider the servers you go on.
  2. I think you will find that I am a great fit from my spanish speaking skills.

    Yo soy muy great and stuff...
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  3. Too bad I only know german and english ;)
    But my girlfriend translated it, and now calls you Soy Dragon.
  4. I may have submitted two forms, if so then can you please only read the 2nd one, the first one was unfinished.
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  5. Sure thing, thanks for informing me.
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  6. Edited op a bit, to fix up something people applying should know, good luck!
  7. What server is it on if i may ask?
  8. Mutiple, 3 different ones, thats why I'll be hiring 3 managers
  9. Now it makes sense :)
  10. When my mall is finished :)
  11. Is Skype necessary or recommended :confused: