Want mass amounts of stone, dirt/gravel, and ores?

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  1. Help me dig the Duperian Link.

    The Duperian Link is a tunnel currently under construction between the Kingdom of Duperia and a point just outside spawn. Initially, it will be intended as a safe way to Duperia, free from mobs, but it will later be expanded, and railways will be added.

    Me and Jake81201 have dug around 1,000 blocks, out of a ~5,000 block distance. We need more assistance. We cannot offer pay, but digging the tunnel will yield a large amount of stone, dirt, gravel, and many ores to those who wish to take our request of assistance up.

    If you'd like to help, message me :)
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  2. Yep :) Please come and help for ores, and lots of stone! :)
  3. What level is tunnel at? Diamond level?
  4. Oh, yes :)
  5. Cool :) I might have wanted to help if I had the time.
  6. I hope you decide to help us! :)
  7. I will join u sometime tonight :) message me how to get there :)
  8. I'm always down for some stone farming. Let me know how to arrive I'll do what I can
  9. Duperian Link is made, but we still need workers to mine, woodcut, dig, farm, etc. (Mainly Mine for iron for rails) Please post again fi you would like to join us :)