[Wandering] How to become Well-Known-Member?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Code_Surfer, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. I am currently an active member and I'm wandering how to become a Well-Known-Member.
  2. I believe it's 250 likes.
  3. Site likes or like likes on ur profile page?
  4. O really? Didn't know I had that xD
  5. Both I think.. Likes are likes :p
  6. Members are based on your trophy points - I'm pretty sure Well-Known is 48 Trophy Points.
  7. well i have like 270 something site posts and like 79 site likes. so...
  8. I may be wrong, this could also be it.
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  9. This is most definitely it. It takes 48 trophy points to attain well-known, you can see all the trophies HERE
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  10. But, I have 28 points and there is a 30 point trophy I don't have and the max limit is 48 right?
  11. The most trophy points you can have is 118 :)
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  12. Yeah i just counted and realized that i have 90 to go and that may take me a year. :(
  13. It is random, it is not really based one an exact number.
  14. so a random post like this one is all it takes? (this is my 499 post I believe)
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  15. Nope. It is based on trophy points as someone else stated. I got mine after getting 100 likes and a bunch of posts.
  16. (AKA 48 Trophy Points)
  17. 48 trophy points...
  18. ninja'd
  19. a year.... i have 45 likes out of 70 post :p