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  1. Hello people of Empire Minecraft.

    I am Sweggio. My real identity is a mystery but I assure you I am very swag.
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  2. Hello Sweggio, I can assure you that my identity is a robot but it's a mystery why I am not in my cove.

  3. I can confirm that I am a spoopy anonymous alt account.

    But whose alt?
  4. Whoever you give admin to on your res :p
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  5. *X-files theme plays*

    It's a mystery.
  6. Hehe. Sweg. Welcome to the Empire, mysterious alt. :rolleyes:
  7. Your the alt of Wah. :p Welcome to the empire new Alt! :D
  8. Hi Sweg. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the Empire. :)
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  9. Welcome to ze Empire Minecraft enjoy your stay.
  10. Hello Mr. Sweggio,

    From one alt to another: welcome to the Empire, I hope you'll enjoy and won't let your main walk all over you. You make him give you admin on his res so you can sell all their stuff help them build things!

    Also, there's some good loot (swag?) to be found, an /event is set up for you right here. Be sure to try and get better loot than your main, that'll show 'm! :D

    Hope you two (?) are going to have a good time :)

    #altpowah! :cool:
  11. how2alt 101