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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this, sorry if it's in the wrong spot, but I have been having (since I started voting) issues with Each time I vote, it goes to a blank screen with the same vote page URL. If I try to refresh it, it simply displays the vote page again. If I try to re-enter the vote, it says I have already voted and to come back in 24hrs. This is all fine and good, but I've not been receiving proper credit from them because it doesn't go to an initial confirmation screen.

    Any ideas of maybe a setting I have in my browser wrong? Am I the only one having this type of issue?

    I have no issues with any of the other voting sites, just this one has been a continual problem for me.
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  3. I got ninja'd by PenguinDJ, I was about to give the link when a post from PenguinDJ apeard.
  4. Penguin posted 10 minutes ago, that's not that ninja I'm afraid ;)

    Anyway, yes, I'm still having trouble with a site or two as well - nothing we can do about it really as it is up to the site owners to fix it, so just try and vote on the other sites for now :)
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  5. In the end you should always go to this url after voting to make sure that it worked. In other words: the "rupee History" which you can find as an option in the "My Empire" menu above. My suggestion is to vote on one or two sites, then check if it worked.