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  1. I know a few people have been having problems voting with Minestatus.net, it works fine for me but MinecraftServers.net always comes up with an error and white screen when I click vote. I'm probably not the only person to experience this and I'm wondering if there is any way to get around this? Because it's affecting my rupee bonus. Thankyou!

    PS - Sorry if that didn't make much sense, I just got back from work and I'm ready for some sleep.
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  3. I only seem to be getting problems with minecraftservers.net
    Do you get a white screen when you click vote on the other sites too?
  4. Yes. No more error screen just white screen or a 'you already voted today' screen. But never credit for voting.
  5. going to try to get to checking each of the voting sites tomorrow. I'm not sure whats going on ultimately.

    The one suspicion I had came out to not be true.
  6. I get the white screen too after clicking Vote on MinecraftServers.net. Then I try to vote again and it says I already voted.

    The sites that didn't credit me today are:
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  7. I have been having problems voting too. The page doesn't load then I reload it and it says I already voted.
  8. Going by my Rupee history Minecraft-server.net and MinecraftServers.net (#4 and 5 in list) didn't work for me this morning.

    I don't keep very good track of what they do since they all have similar names but a few of them don't work very well.
  9. Having issues with minecraft-server.net today. It's giving me a Warning error and a "Please prove that you are human" error as if I'm not clicking on the 'I am not a robot'. *Le sigh*
  10. Ok I just went and checked on what sites are reporting, and reconfigured votifier on 2 of them that was acting funny.

    minecraftservers.net is the one im still suspicious of, so please let me know if someone finally gets credit for it.

    As for that error Fey, give it a bit, hold down shift and reload page and try again.
  11. Same problem here for minecraftservers.net

    The others work fine for me
  12. minecraft-server.net isn't crediting me when I vote on it. The other sites seem to work fine, though.
  13. The last couple of days, I have had all work, except for minecraftservers.net which hasn't ever worked I don't believe. Always get the white screen with the initial URL and then the reload says I've already voted. So the vote goes in, but there's no initial confirmation screen which is where I would think the votifiyer would catch & credit (at least that's what would make sense, but we of course are talking about something minecrafty)
  14. Yes it has. It worked perfectly fine a few weeks ago.

    I just think (looking at the design) the website is very old and so is the code behind it. So maybe it needs a refresher...
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