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  1. This thread is for an event I will be hosting soon.
    Please comment below your favorite staff member
    And your favorite member
    All votes after Dec 14 12:00 (Mountain Standard Time) will not be accepted
  2. Olaf_c (technically staff since he helps with wiki crap) and Courier24601
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  3. hmm... hard. to. tell. wait... RainbowChin!, highlancer54! and Lilyrox55
  4. MileHi

    and now for the "hoozat"
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  5. highlancer54 all the way!

    Favorite member (because this is a thing now): probably cadgamer101
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  6. I gotta go with highlancer54, although still many other great staff members around :)
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  7. RainbowChin and krysyyjane9191
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  8. Krysyyjane9191 and Highlancer54
  9. High, he my bro
  10. Favorite Staff: Highlancer54
    Favorite Member: Kissthenerd
  11. My favourite staff is either highlancer or luckygreenbird :)
  12. Favourite staff member: weeh666 and Highlancer
  13. Fav staff: Weeh666
    Fav Member: Hmm this is a hard one =/ I guess -=[Fishmeal]=-
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  14. Favorite Staff: Krysyyjane9191
    Favorite Member: pab10s
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  15. I am VERY VERY sorry but I will have to re schedule the party for Saturday
  16. Due to finals this week
  17. Woops saw the until after and im an idiot
  18. RainbowChin and hashhog3000
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  19. Just sayin guys it says after Dec 14 12:00 MST and its currently
    Monday, December 15, 2014 MST
  20. RainbowSing <3
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