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  1. Hi,

    Recently no matter how much I vote. Even after the 24 hour period it keeps saying my bonus is only 14. It's a bit annoying now as I'm trying to vote to get my bonus high and help the server(s) but this keeps happening. Any ideas why?

  2. I am experiencing the same problem. I cannot seem to get above the vote bonus of 1.
    Also, when I vote again on another voting website it does not reset my Last Voted timer resulting in me losing my vote streak. This is very annoying.
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  3. Hmm thank you for replying. I'm just glad to hear that it's not just me.
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  4. mine never goes above 2 >.> idk why, it just stops at 2
  5. Make sure you are spelling your name exactly correct (including capitalizations) - My records show you have only voted a handful number of times; with the last being 21 days ago - different account maybe?

    You should try voting on more than one site - and you have to vote everyday to keep your streak (skipping days will ruin your streak quite a bit
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  6. The Voting is a little glitchy, I've experienced some issues myself as well.

    One way to ensure your streak is to vote every 8-12 hours. Do not wait 24hrs to vote. vote on 1 site every few hours. Whenever you are on.
  7. I always vote every 24 hours, and for me it always worked. Hm.
  8. I got a pretty good streak going on. Only a couple times have I ever missed votes within the 30 hours allowed (mainly due to sleeping in or what not).
    What I do is vote some in the morning, some in the afternoon, some in the evening.
    This way, if I miss a round of voting, the other two times I voted, will push me well within the 30 hours.

    Also, this 'cures' some of the issues to where it appears that even if you vote 24 hours apart, its still part of the voting cycle. I believe that this may have to do with the server 'seeming' to tie into daily bonuses at 11PM CST. Don't know for sure, but its my guess.

    Either way, do what I indicate above, check your spelling AND capitals, and also, hop onto EMC and do /p playername and it WILL show you your last vote time. Also, if you are on EMC and vote, you will see the vote come thru.
    Hope this helps!
  9. If you see the exact timestamps it makes sense as to why:

    20-Mar-2014 01:24:58
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 14

    18-Mar-2014 23:43:42
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 14
    You just barely missed the 25 hour cut off. After difficulty I am planning to tweak it to give it a slightly longer cut off (27 maybe with a 36 no punish period), but in general that is the main issue.
    As NZ said, if you can vote on multiple sites multiple times during the day you won't have any issues.
    voting is currently working as intended. The policy is "vote every day", so if you go 26 hours between votes that is seen as missing a day.
  10. Well I end up voting something around 10 minutes before the 24 hour mark.
  11. I had similar problems until Aikar showed the code and explain the details. It is based on the last time you voted on any single site not the last time you voted for all sites or the last time you voted on a specific server. The time between votes is not calculated on a per server basis but between any votes. For example, if I vote for site 1 and then 4 hours later vote for site 2, the time between votes is 4 hrs. If you go longer than 30 hours since your last vote, you will lose some from your voting streak = 2 + 2*<Number of Days since you last voted>. For example, if you miss 1 day (30 hrs <Vote<48 hrs), you will lose 4 from your streak, 2 days then you lose 6, etc.
    This means the safest way to keep your streak is to vote multiple times a day. I typically vote at 1-4 sites in the morning before I go to work, and then the rest of the sites after I have gotten home in the evening. This way there will be no more than 12 hours between votes which is less than 30hrs so I keep my streak).
    Your streak increases if the time between votes is less than 25 hours and the time since your last bonus has been more than 23 hours. You can see below that my bonus doesn't increase until 23 hours or more since my last bonus, as long as there has not been more than 25 hours between votes (it was 7.1 hours since the last vote (11:23 PM - 4:16 PM).

    Sorry for the long post and I hope this helps.

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