Voting wiki page needs to be updated

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  1. With name changes supported on EMC I think this is outdated. Maybe an update? ;)
  2. Had a quick look but I can't change this :( It's a locked page so only the staff can change it, I assume they'll see this post now that you've got it up though, cheers :)
  3. I could've sworn I saw this a while back and reported it. I even responded to the person who told me about it. Oh well, reported the error now...

    Ninja'd :/
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  4. Need to bump this, because it's not fixed yet.
    You did the best you can (though I find it interesting that the Contribution Team, founded to edit the wiki, can't edit that specific page :oops:)
  5. Bump.

    Still not resolved :/
  6. The supporter page needs my winning supporter creations images as well :/
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  7. Voting on was fixed a few days ago, as well.

    Also, this was supposed to be a joke, but it looks very unprofessional:
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  8. We can edit, like, 80% of the wiki. Some pages have potential to be abused or have information errors smattered all over them if we Schrödinger's staff members were allowed to edit them. Thus, only moderators who are also on the Contribution Team are allowed to edit them. It makes sense.
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  9. So, that'd mean only AlexChance, ItsMeMatheus and RainbowChin (and probably Aikar and Krysyy) would be able to edit that page...

    I'll try to move this thread to the suggestion forum, so maybe we'll have some more staff looking at this thread. :)
  10. Fixed it
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  11. Thank you :)
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