Voting/Rupee Log Issue

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  1. So I just hopped on to the EMC site for the first time today, and one of the first things I always do is check my rupee log to monitor activity in my shops. Today I found this: votingerror.png

    I had not yet been on any of the voting sites today, so I'm not sure how I had apparently voted on 3 minutes prior, and 8 times in a row! It is also worth mentioning that it's been less than 24 hours since I last legitimately voted on that particular site.

    Don't know yet if it will affect my daily voting on all sites, since I want to wait the 24 hours to get credit for all them, but after noticing this issue I did vote on (the 12 hour site) without a problem, and received credit for it.

    EDIT: In the time it took me to create this thread, I apparently voted on at least 25 more times, all with the weird + 0 rupees.:eek:
  2. It just happened to me too, I think someone hacked in to the server again
  3. No one has hacked into EMC before, or now. The last time was just a staff member's account being breached.
  4. Source?
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  5. General knowledge and a bit of logic.
  6. Lots of players are getting this. :)
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  7. Pretty bold statement. I dont fully know the entirety of EMC's past and how it's dealt with protection for that, but from my knowledge nothing on the web is unhackable.
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  8. He was just saying "not hacked before."

    He wasn't saying "unhackable"
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  9. I didn't say it was unhackable. I said it hasn't been hacked.

    Aikar (and JustinGuy) both have a lot of knowledge in the tech field. Aikar for sure has knowledge of web development and is highly likely to make EMC's servers as secure as possible.

    EDIT: AweomeBuilder ninja'd me :p
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  10. The cause for this problem lies with They had a problem with their system, fixed it and after that it spammed all the remaining votes you made at once.

    Because of that 'spamming' you ended up with 0 rupees; there is a delay between voting rewards.

    I noticed (I assume) Aikar mention this in-game earlier through means of a server message / broadcast. I'll try to pull logs. But this is a known issue, and has nothing to do with hacking or other weird stuff.


    [20:22:35] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] If you received vote spam from, please disregard it. It appears they have been having problems, and now just fixed things and they sent every vote that was missed all at once... However we don't give credit for votes that come in too fast is why many of them showed up as 0 rupees. Hopefully they have fixed their issues now.
  11. Right, but you said this to shoot down another member's suggestion that there might have been a hack. In doing this you presented yourself as an authority on the subject.
  12. I said it because the 'suggestion' that EMC had been hacked, is far fetched. Technical glitches happen, and have happened in this case.
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  13. I think its just a code glitch in server, should be fixed by amazing staff in no time :)
  14. Thanks ShelLuser, I suspected that the issue might have been related to the voting site itself. Glad to hear it's been resolved.
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  15. I personally have no issue with the why. I agree with preventing any panic around phantom hacks or compromises. I also thought this issue was most likely a simple bug. :)

    I just dislike the it. It was a very absolute claim of "never been hacked", and seeing as you're not developer staff I had to poke at it. If some minor harmless hack occurred either today or in years past would you be notified?

    In any event, I don't want to blow this out of proportion. I like your rephrasing a lot more than your original phrasing.
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  16. I see where you're coming from now. To my knowledge, EMC has never been hacked. It may have been, but there has never been anything told.
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  17. I'm unaware of any hacking before my time, and surely hasn't been during my time. The closest we've really had was the recent case of a mods forum account password getting guessed (it was a really insecure password) and access square, but that's not "hacking"

    But as said above, the voting site itself spammed us with votifier alerts

    Emc network is so secure I had to have a friend drive to my house to restart servers when I was on my honeymoon because I couldn't get on lol.

    I've made some improvements to avoid that scenario without compromising security though
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  18. I got 400 extra rupees from it :)
  19. Ehhh, I got this once. Even in game, I assume it was a glitch at's End. In fact everyone who voted at received the same thing I did. I received a repeated Notification about Voting at about every 2 Minutes for like 10 Minutes, I was at pvp when it happened (of course). I didn't get +0 Rupees, I got something like +200 Rupess. I only had this problem once, and I was new to emc at the Time, so I can't really remember much of it. Let's just say, I got rich that day in a New Player's perspective. Basically I considered 3k as being Rich, as we all did when we were New Players.
  20. Just curious, why would someone breach an account to give everyone 400 free rupees? I don't see logic in that. :p