Voting Issues

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  1. Voting on multiple sites has been abnormally slow for the past half-hour. None of my votes for today have been registered yet.

    Can anyone confirm that this is only affecting me?
  2. Me too. Please help! I have to leave, and the time I get back it will be past 12 hours. Then I will loose my 185! Help please
  3. There is just a problem with voting, if you use your correct username and clicked "vote" it will most likely go it and be registered at some point in time.
  4. True, true.
  5. I used 4 different sites- my username is correct.

    If it doesn't regester and I loose my streak can aikar put the streak back?

    See this

  7. You will not lose your entire bonus.
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  8. I too voted, on four or 5 different sites, however it did not register on EMC.
    At 8am this morning it worked, however, in the past half hour I voted on more, and nothing registered.
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  9. smp2 is the receiver for most of the votes, and it was still down from internal network issues this morning.

    all is restored now and votes will go through ((Kalia1784 was first to vote after it came up!)
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  10. I have an unrelated voting issue, namely phantom votes which I did not cast. This just happened moments ago.

    1. A moment ago
      Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 120
      + 0

    2. A moment ago
      Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 120
      + 0

    3. 11 minutes ago
      Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 120
      + 6,000

    What's going on? Has my profile been hacked?
  11. no, others might be voting for you.

    All it takes for someone to vote for you is to type in your name.
  12. But, still... Voting for one site thrice in eleven minutes and + 0 rupees? :confused:
  13. Aikar I still haven't gotten mine. I cannot get online right now, what should I do?
  14. Alright. I got it to work.

    Its fixed for all sites now, correct?
  15. My vote from yesterday didn't show up until this morning, which means I dropped down one yesterday because it didn't register and today am at the total I was Friday, i.e., I'm two votes down from where I should be. Anyway to fix that?
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  16. It's possible but I'm not sure that's what's happening. I just voted on that site myself for the first time today. If someone had already voted using my name I would have received the "You've already voted for this server today" warning which I did not. After submitting my vote I tried it again a second time and did indeed get the prompt telling me to wait 5 hours before casting another vote.

    Based upon the evidence so far it appears that there is an issue with the voting algorithms at the site and nothing wrong with EMC or my profile. Just to be safe though I did change my password at Mojang and on this site.

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